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  1. Links to all my work

    Just trying to be more oganised with what pictures and videos that I have uploaded.

    Story of my first session with Hyper_Ticklish - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...14#post3053414

    4 videos and 20 pics of my first session with Mercy29 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...ry-own-Mercy29

    5 videos and 42 pics of my second session with Mercy29 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...n-with-Mercy29 ...
  2. Finding myself and an awkward embarrassing moment

    Hey everyone

    So I recently took a break from all things kinky as I got in a vanilla relationship. It was fine as I'm used to living without kink so was not a problem. Anyhow that didn't work out so I got back into things, attended a few local munches and ended up you going to a play event over in Hull.

    Now these munches and play events are for all things kinky and not specifically tickling, but it's cool as I'm curious and have made a few new kinky friends, so mainly ...