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  1. Our incredible journey is done.

    This journey started the Thursday following Mother's Day in early May...
    David comes home early for lunch, telling me he isn't feeling very good...or well...at first i think perhaps he's coming down with something...then he tells me he's been experiencing tightness and some chest burning...immediately my blood runs cold...his next words are to the effect that he's never been seriously ill...and then when i ask how long this has been going on, he tells me six months...
    And as we drove ...
  2. How do i thank you for saving his life?

    "How do i thank you for saving his life?
    How do i thank you, i'm merely his wife.

    How did you heal what i cherished for years?
    How did you figure his death might be near.

    How did you take his heart in your hands?
    How did you heal his arterial strands?

    How do i thank you for giving him back?
    How do i find the words that i sadly lack?

    How did you realize without him i'm lost?
    How did you know that i'd ...
  3. My husband is recovering

    He had open heart surgery three weeks ago yesterday...it was touch and go for a bit...on the vent for over twenty four hours...then in cardio ICU for two days, trying to stablize his blood pressure...but he was finally moved to step down...and a week after his surgery he was discharged....

    He is doing great considering...
  4. My husband, my bestest friend

    Will undergo double bi pass surgery next wednesday morning....i'm scared...
  5. A quiet return...

    So i'm returning to the tmf and will post occasionally...i decided to blog my return rather than start a thread...i'm not here for any attention...i'm mostly here to visit my first tmf love, which are the stories...so that's where i'll probably post the most...
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