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  1. Kalifornia Dreaming

    (A break from the usual funny situations here to speaK on a few things not so silly.... well ok maybe a little silly as real life is so ridiculous that its hard to take it seriously all the time. )

    For the most part I was happy with yesterdays election results. I was not expecting an overwhelming throw out of the democrats, so I was pleased they lost the House at least and some seats in the Senate. California though was at first a bit of a dissapointment. I was hoping for some more ...

    Updated 11-03-2010 at 10:19 PM by kurchatovium

  2. Kurchlander (Part Five)

    *in the last episode kurch after hundreds of years in the Highlands of Scotland had moved to Los Angeles to start an antiques store. His was quickly reminded of his old life in the Highlands when his employees Bill and Ted told him The Kurgan had come to his store. *

    *kurch closes up his store called Old Time Cool Crap now cause neither Bill or Ted can spell antiques. As kurch heads out through the back alley to the street he hears a noise.*

    There can be only
  3. Kurchlander (Part Four)

    *After hundreds of years in Scotland we end up in present day. The Immortals have dwindled down to a precious few after all the battles and Kurch decides to move to Los Angeles, California to start an antiques store from all the stuff he has collected during the many many years of his life. Kurch wonders why he has yet to run into The Kurgan again but figures he probably got tired of this storyline and fell asleep*

    *kurch is on the plane to LA*

    Stewardess: Welcome to

    Updated 04-08-2009 at 10:50 PM by kurchatovium

  4. Kurchlander (Part Three)

    *Ramirez has finished training Kurch in the ways of The Immortals. Kurch goes into town to shop and relax after all the ardous training as Ramirez stays at his home.*

    *There is a knock at the door and Ramirez opens it. There he stands face to face with the evil Kurgan*

    Ramirez: KURGAN!!! What brings you here!

    The Kurgan: I am here to finish off that wimp Kurch.

    Ramirez: Well you'll not find him here. He is doing some chity shopping

    Updated 04-01-2009 at 06:11 PM by kurchatovium

  5. Kurchlander (Part Two)

    *Kurch has just discovered that he is an Immortal. A rare group of being that can only be killed by decapitation. He has also learned the Immortals are part of a Game where they all are compelled to fight to the death till only one remains.*

    *Ramrez begins to teach kurch the ways of the Immortal in his own Scottish way.*

    Ramirez: Well my friend the first order of business is to goto a chity store and get you a proper sword.

    Kurch: If we want a proper

    Updated 03-28-2009 at 06:07 PM by kurchatovium

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