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Blog Comments

    Yeah, that was memorable (!!) On more than one occasion.... Umbrella-itis does seem to be a largely Conservative Disease!!

    (Though I have murdered a couple -- of umbrellas -- myself...)

    But at least Boris SHARES.... And laughs at himself!! In this episode, he's adorable!!

    Updated 08-01-2021 at 02:59 AM by FrenzyTickles (This is not good, to be befuddled by The Dark Side...)
    Conservatives and umbrellas. Remember Trump struggling with it.
    ...And as a wise friend once said,
    one can also totally turn off some really good people when one goes off on a ballistic rant
    (really good people, who wouldn't ever be interested in white supremacists' neanderthal rallies,
    who simply disagree because they're immersed in completely different news feeds....)

    I don't allow politics to destroy friendships, of course many are grossly misinformed rather than malicious,
    but it's difficult to remain entirely silent when one sees this extraordinary proliferation of lethal misinformation, continuing...
    Donald's the gift that keeps on killing.... THANK YOU for a SANE and accurate Summary!!

    (Of maybe 10% of his criminal failings while in office....)

    EVERYTHING you outlined is ON TAPE ALSO, DOCUMENTED UP THE WAZOO, just like his admittance of attempted rape on tape (!!!)

    and his followers still refuse to acknowledge his monstrous, genocidal, and utterly selfish malevolence.

    "Infuriating" is correct.

    It's far worse than "THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES" because THIS DicTraitor has taken WELL OVER 630,000 LIVES

    and that's "just" from his outrageous Pandemic Failure.

    (Bush & Obama HAD a Pandemic Team.... so of course Donny Boy had to dismantle it....)

    Not counting refugee families torn apart & CHILDREN, BABIES stolen, 1500 missing? Definitely badly abused, probably sold....
    The deaths he caused by malicious neglect in Puerto Rico?
    The Kurds he abandoned to Turkey after all they did to contain ISIS?

    WHO abandons allies like that? Rips apart families? Tortures little (well, you know, brown....) children? Unthinkable harm.

    If we had had a DECENT Congress instead of a GERRYMANDERED lineup of Red Parasites this half-demented criminal would've been imprisoned while CAMPAIGNING before he got anywhere NEAR the White House in 2016.
    Updated 07-25-2021 at 12:14 PM by FrenzyTickles (I can't believe this was allowed to happen in this country, in this century.)
    Republican / Conservative counter logic or opportunistic gaslighting is infuriating.

    Perfect example is Covid and vaccine. The timeline goes like this :

    1) February Trump: Now itís COVID, folks, the new hoax

    2) March Trump : oh its real. But we have it so under control. Ö

    3) April. Trump: itís so dangerous. Please stay in doors. I saved millions of lives by cancelling flights from China. (Six weeks too late while letting in travelers from Europe).

    4) April: I ďstronglyĒ signed the defense production actĒ (which he never used) But stay safe. We , your government are doing a tremendous job. Easter!!

    5) May: with pandemic spreading. FREE MICHIGAN!! Take HYDROCHLORQUIN. Tell them Trump sent you for a 20 PCt off.

    6) October, after his own illness: COVID , is no big deal.

    7) December : itís no big deal, BUT I developed the magic vaccine, to save the world!!

    8) today Conservative media - but donít take it. Someone died from it once. But why is there a conspiracy to crush IVERMECTIN??? But COVIDS a hoax
    I greatly appreciate your European insight, I didn't know that re: D-day, but there are other misconceptions which our very Red Konservative Amurikan media have rabidly spread...

    Our Antifa are not just anti-fascist; they're anti - dictator, anti-oligarchs, anti-DESPOTS, whatever flavor. Like their namesakes. Any threat to democracy = the enemy.

    Trump could be Stalin & Hitler's slow love child, throw in Putin as Godfather.
    He's a sick, hollow, rotten un-Reality TV conman bully who was, like Stalin, in the right place, right time... (I'm probably repeating myself).

    Trump's ALL RED, in any direction; a bloody "Communist" puppet / attempted Fascist dictator himself,
    but Capt Spanky Bonespurs there wasn't nearly as tough nor as adept as Stalin in seducing the military after stealing control from Trotsky,
    (who would've worked towards democracy as Lenin actually intended, but as you likely know, Lenin fell ill & Stalin grabbed power).

    Stalin & Trump, both crude mass-killing thugs who grabbed power from idealists of various sorts, only Trump was eventually stopped...

    And like Hitler, Trump blamed everything on The Others, immigrants, brown refugees rather than Jews... rounding them up at our border, stealing children...
    Or letting Puerto Rico rot post-hurricane. Letting the Turks have the Kurds.... If not N/E White European Kristian, they don't count.

    Trump openly sucked up to every last threat to the Free World, from Russia to Saudi Arabia, N. Korea, China.... ALL of it on video, nauseating.
    While he trashed our Allies & left thousands to die, (again see Puerto Rico, he wasn't even aware they're American....)

    Like (SO MANY THINGS) Trump stated/admitted, he could shoot someone in Times Square & get away with it. So far he has, X 590,000, including thousands of little brown kids, dead inside if not outright.

    The modern Antifa is against everything Herr Drumpfsky stands for and lurches over, regardless of the "ideology" each dictator mis-uses as a tool to suppress.

    The only "Socialism" Antifa supports is FDR's or Bernie Sander's Democratic Socialism, which gives us Public Education, Public Libraries, Medicare, Social Security
    (though our Red Repub Oligarchy destroyed the latter two, only voting effective healthcare and long-term benefits in for themselves...).

    Today's "Anti-Fascists" are solid Blue.
    Updated 06-10-2021 at 01:32 PM by FrenzyTickles (Red RepubliCants, Russian Communists, Red Fascists, all inhabit the same Black Hole.)
    There are a lot of misconceptions about the landing in France and the creation of the Western Front.

    First off, as a Frenchman, I am IMMENSELY grateful towards the USA and the UK for D-Day. If my country remained democratic throughout the Cold War, it is because of it. So, thank you.

    However, by the time D-Day happened, the Germans were already beaten. The Wehrmacht had been 80% destroyed by Stalin's Red Army, which was fast closing in on Berlin. With or without D-Day, Germany was doomed.

    What D-Day had achieved however, was to stop the Russians from overtaking the entirety of Europe. Without the American-UK landing, Stalin would have been free to reign over an entirely Communist Europe. Instead of that, we had the lesser of two evils, with the Iron Curtain separating the free countries from the ones under the Red yoke.

    Which is why, IMO, it is a bit misleading to talk about the brave souls who died for a free Europe "the original Antifa". Antifa are a socialist-minded militia who would not have any second thoughts about having the likes of Stalin as a ruler. The ones who died on the beaches of Normandy fought for democracy on foreign soil, against Nazism of course, but also to secure a free Europe. I am afraid that "modern Antifa", to continue using your terminology, care nothing about that.
    Updated 06-07-2021 at 08:39 AM by Tenebrae
    What gets me the most guys is as a community we should be doing more about this truth is but there is little done canít even block them you can ignore them but they can still basically take the piss out of you and there rat pack can join in and as soon as someone has some sort of level of feather in there name they have a free pass to do what they want when they want I suffer from being punch drunk as I boxed when I was younger so having randoms messaging me and telling me Iím stupid and I should stop writing storyís when I know for a fact if they said it to my face I would wipe the floor with them is slightly frustrating have debated with my self to leave a few times but then that would just be letting them win
    Quote Originally Posted by Solestroker88
    Far too much of that on here

    Personally a think it’s just losers that can’t be rude to anyone in person as they know they wouldn’t be Abel to deal with the consequences
    And by that I’m meaning a punch in the face so they take
    To the internet and hide behind a so screen
    ��Exxzzzzactly! Truer words are rarely / if ever uttered! I call them "keyboard badass's"! It might be from my southern upbringing, but I have always thought (unless on the rarest of deserved occasions) there was/is never really any need in publicly humiliating / embarrassing Anyone, and even when u feel it might be necessary, if you do not have the (credit Mick Foley) testicular fortitude to at least do it in person/ eye ball to eye ball, you probably shouldn't do it at all. In fairness tho, for the vast majority/ if not whole majority of the "keyboard badass's" these little "be as rude as possible just for the sake of being rude" chime-in situations may very well be their only opportunity (according to their kind of thinking I guess) to at least kinda sorta be a man, even if it's only a cyber version. Lol But when real life comes a calling, suddenly their spine liquifies in record timing. Smh.....My mom always kept informing me throughout my whole life , even up to the day she passed on pert near 7 years ago "common courtesy, and general kindness doesn't cost you a single thing". I've always tried to practice what mom preached, and The older I get the more I really do live it. I can only guess that the keyboard ba's brigadeers out there must figure being nice denotes wimpy, but I and I'm sure many others can attest that you can be the nicest guy around, but still be one of the baddest sumbitch's walking the county.
    Certainly, Mitch, you're very kind, no one would make that mistake I'm sure! And some do just really have it coming...

    Tenebrae, I see your *Points!! :P I had assumed English was your first language, you're so very well versed in it! People would read newspapers in the past to learn it, and local vernacular (unfortunately not now, what a grammatical disaster most have become, especially online... )

    I agree, people are doing us a favor when they nicely inform us of mistakes, I've sent Private Messages to that effect, for that reason, so as not to publicly embarrass anyone. I appreciate that when they do the same.

    And you're right about the rules being in place for a reason -- shared organization, (the Point, yes, haha) is more easily understood... (I also find it's a more appealing trait, though again there are various types of intelligence...). Thank you for that useful feedback!

    Solestroker88 You're so right, they're often cowards hiding behind a blue screen... They're never worth the jail time in person, but it's probably funny as hell watching you chase these schmucks down the block with your fist raised when they do dare in person, I can "so" see that...
    Far too much of that on here

    Personally a think it’s just losers that can’t be rude to anyone in person as they know they wouldn’t be Abel to deal with the consequences
    And by that I’m meaning a punch in the face so they take
    To the internet and hide behind a so screen
    English is sort of a victim of its success. With the importance it took, especially here on the Internet, the number of non-native speakers attempting with various degrees of success to emulate the native speakers has increased to gigantic proportions, the former possibly equaling the latter in sheer volume.

    IMO, we should all (native and non-native speakers) strive to write and express our thoughts as grammatically correctly as possible. If anything, as a form of courtesy to the reader, and also because it might lead to great results in other aspects of life. I owe my career in part to my regular visits to the TMF; I practically learned English here, besides school. And I personally take as a blessing any and all remarks from someone who knows better pointing out the errors I make, because I genuinely want to improve... as long as said remark is delivered politely and not as a way to shoot me down.

    I share your view to a degree, and we all gain from showing each other a bit more respect. However, let us not fall into the opposite extreme: grammatical rules are called "rules" for a reason; they do exist, we do not make them, and there is no way around them. We break them at our own peril, run the risk of being misunderstood (sometimes with hilarious results), or worse – from my Frenchman's perspective – DIMINISHING OUR POINT (Oh! The horror!!!). That is a risk I personally like to keep as close to 0 as possible, and consider well worth the extra effort/study I put into it
    I see the point you're trying to make, Frenzy.

    I never do that to anyone else, as it comes off as a put down to another person.

    Those who know me on this forum for almost 20 years know that I never put anyone down, unless I'm defending myself from an insult that was started by the other person.

    God i miss Trump so much. one of the greatest Presidents of modern history.
    My apologies for appearing to SHOUT, I use CAPS to distinguish. Am (foolishly venting pointlessly here) horrified by the blatant Repub Voter Suppression/s being shoved through in Red or Purple States, so their shriveling minority deathgrip may be maintained

    while they scream (and shout louder....) about "Cancel Culture."

    I don't give a crap about Pepe LePew (a silly buffoon, a funny mockery of the Oblivious) or Mr. Potato Head,
    most liberals probably don't either --- we DO care
    about a terribly greedy, power-hungry killer Congressional group manipulating the news & state laws ---

    who don't EVEN care about the deaths or maimings of the Capitol Police who saved their LIVES, nor about their colleagues,
    about the deaths & maimings of real heroes defending the same Democratic Process
    that allowed their Golden Bull to steal office from the Popular Vote Winner Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Voter Suppression is the problem they DON'T want you to SEE or HEAR ---

    Please listen to all kinds of news sources, inter/national, not just those sponsored by self-serving 1% Trumpy CONgressfolk who help him steal from the poor,
    keeping them there....

    They want their soldiers and their serfs, they don't want you educated, independent & aware.

    Look over there!! OMG!!!! OUR CARTOONS ARE UNDER SEIGE!!!
    And there's always another "Caravan" coming....
    Updated 03-23-2021 at 09:10 AM by FrenzyTickles (Incomplete sentence, as if anyone's reading this...)
    Aside from their efforts to distract from the ANTI-VOTING LEGISLATION the Repubs are trying to ram down everyone's throats
    so they can continue to CHEAT & STEAL ELECTIONS IN FUTURE....

    Did you know Donald not only was much sicker than he let on,
    not only did he ADMIT ON TAPE to Bob Woodward he KNEW COVID WAS SO MUCH WORSE than any flu, insidiously dangerous

    PRIVATELY GIVING A TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7_vdlq6jik

    ---- not only did he SPREAD IT AT HIS RALLIES, AND TO HIS OWN STAFF...


    But TRUMP also "quietly" got vaccinated early on. As soon as possible...

    ONLY THE BEST, UPDATED MEDICAL CARE FOR THE "president." Unlike most of his supporters, that Parasite was sheltered & cared for.
    Who needs masks?!

    ----- No, he didn't care enough about anyone to publicize that crucial fact either.

    He never cared how many serfs went out, worked & died --- so he'd keep his "numbers" up, in power & out of prison.
    Updated 03-20-2021 at 11:50 PM by FrenzyTickles
    I agree but also think "The Suspension of Disbelief" comes into play for those decent Repubs who've bought heavily into this horrific mess.

    There are always excuses & "alternate facts..." "It was locker room talk" when Donald admitted assaulting women & attempting rape, just one of so many damning statements... that would've been the end of a Democrat / liberal.

    I think many of these people have always been conservatives, maybe it's a generational "tradition," and they have been immersed in those "news" feeds, which have been increasingly false since the 80's, the Reagan era.

    What "trickled down" from there was a steadily stronger flow of twisted misinformation that's culminated in increasingly open hate, intolerance, economic polarization and outrageously false "news."

    And now, more open violence & Yuge Scale Death due to their malevolent Reality TV Ego's sociopathic misconduct & incompetence -- but again, there are EXCUSES & TWISTED ALTERNATE REALITIES..... it's always somehow "the Left's" fault.

    As if we're the ones who ignore science, who cause & ignore large scale human suffering,
    ....who listened to a failed tyrant calling for a "wild" fight & stormed the Capitol with guns, feces, Traitor Flags & Gallows, killing or maiming Capitol Police & others
    ---- to disrupt the legitimate transfer of power back to our OWN party....

    Like some Repub Congressfolk, they refuse to look at or listen to a colossal heap of damning evidence that blows their worldview to smithereens.
    Updated 02-27-2021 at 04:57 PM by FrenzyTickles (Except those Congress members are traitorous, power-hungry profiteers who know better & don't give a shit. Please do wake up.)
    Quote Originally Posted by TMF Jeff
    Do you guys just sort of give him a pass for things like having a segment on his show where he celebrated people dying of aids, as being their deserved fate for being gay? Like you figure because of his other actions, that's something that should be ignored as a character flaw that doesn't affect the larger narrative?

    Or do you consider it to be part of his patriotism? Meaning, you essentially share that view?
    By and large I believe people who like Rush Limbaugh like him because of of his hateful rhetoric, not in spite of it.
    Updated 02-22-2021 at 05:03 PM by Sodahead
    Quote Originally Posted by TMF Jeff
    Do you guys just sort of give him a pass for things like having a segment on his show where he celebrated people dying of aids, as being their deserved fate for being gay? Like you figure because of his other actions, that's something that should be ignored as a character flaw that doesn't affect the larger narrative?

    Or do you consider it to be part of his patriotism? Meaning, you essentially share that view?
    No, I do not share his view about people who died of AIDS.

    I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Moreover, I believe that the pursuit of happiness includes erotic activity among consenting adults of any gender and any sexual orientation.

    I certainly believe that Mr. Limbaugh was a sincere patriot who loved the U. S.A. I also believe that I agree with about 90% of his views. That is enough for me to mourn him and to dislike seeing people metaphorically pissing on his grave.
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