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  1. Trump set up Afghanistan for failure, making treaties with terrorists, not the Gov...

    Trump set us up for failure globally, as his Master Putin commanded, recognizing the absolute bastards, the worst scum on the planet while putting off our allies.

    Dividing and conquering the benevolent powers, destroying this country and world relations, negotiating with terrorists while ignoring the valid governing bodies (!!!) WHAT THE HELL??

    AND WHY are we HONORING TRUMP'S AGREEMENT WITH THESE DEVILS? Literally, terrorists who make life a LIVING HELL for ...

    Updated 09-02-2021 at 02:51 PM by FrenzyTickles

  2. AGAIN, why Black Lives Matter is needed to combat racism. INCLUDING PRISON REFORM.

    This is CRAZY. What year is this??? ...Not even "the same crime..." The white woman stole SO much more, and got probation ?! WHATTHEFUGGINGHELL???

    ........ Then again, this is documented across the board with all sorts of crimes, why am I surprised.


    The Root
    Ohio Court Sentences Black Woman to 18 Months in Prison the Day After Giving White

    Updated 08-13-2021 at 04:02 AM by FrenzyTickles (HOLLY, BROCK, KAREN.... COME ON, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!)