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    They grow up too quick, my friend. btw: how is your health??
    Keep us informed when you go on vacation so we can raid your tomato garden, my friend. Glad to hear your ok.
    Quote Originally Posted by c7_assassin
    See you in November, my friend!
    You're coming with Team Canada this year? That's great!
    Quote Originally Posted by unclebill
    I`m glad to hear your doing well, my friend. I have two questions: Why no tomato updates this summer, and are you still having issues with extremely white legs???
    The whole garden went nuts this year, Uncle Bill! The combination of the heat, sun, and perfect amount of rain has me still picking fresh veggies. The only thing that under performed was the broccoli because of the excessive heat. The white legs? Well, I keep forgetting I'm not a stickman anymore so I don't wear shorts very often. LOL Hey! I'm shit-lousy with carrots and Big Bertha Bell Peppers. You need any? Got big white onions too if you're interested.
    I`m glad to hear your doing well, my friend. I have two questions: Why no tomato updates this summer, and are you still having issues with extremely white legs???
    See you in November, my friend!
    Buggy......you ain't kiddin'.

    Uncle Bill.........I believe the gonad exploding pain would have been the same.....but more costly in the long run.
    If only you had Obamacare.
    That sucks man. Welcome to the wonderful world of American medicine, where doctors have to prescribe every possible test and procedure before treating a hangnail lest they be sued later because they "missed" something.
    I knew you would understand all this, Uncle Bill.
    This is no way to treat a champion tomato grower.

    Oh, Dirky.
    Don't you want to get the extra savings?????
    I don't do that, Uncle Bill. I save that suit for fancy places like shopping at WalMart.
    The powder blue leisure suit gives you away every time, my friend. I know they wear like iron, but enough already.
    You are a good man my brother and it does not surprise me that you would have such a good friend as she obviously is...
    Hi Kered - I don't know you, but that's fantastic! Well done!
    Y'know, it's easier for men when it comes to clothes. You guys can buy one, maybe two suits, that'll last you nearly all your adult life. My dad has two good suits that he's had for many years and on one had the pants tailored around the waist just last year.

    For women, it's different. We could never get away with having one or two good dresses for special occasions for 20 years. Well, maybe, except for the classic black dress, but otherwise, nope it doesn't work for us.

    Lucky bastards.
    Quote Originally Posted by Angel77
    Hanky in a suit, eh?

    I love men in suits!

    I've heard that place was expensive, at least from the guys I know.
    It is. If they weren't having a sale and I didn't save a few bucks for this purpose I would never have stopped at that place. LOL
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