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  1. The Question I am Asked The Most

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Name:	mosttk.jpg 
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ID:	671992

    Where are you most ticklish?
    This is the question that I am asked the most that I NEVER answer.
    Why would I ever make it that easy for you?

    A great ler is in tune to the lee's body. A great ler loves the exploration and will punish you for making them work for it.

    Be a great lee... Withholding is part of the chase.
  2. Tickle Talk: 3-2-1

    Oh, just a little summarizing strategy to tease some of you.

    Join me on Instagram: Sunriseticklee (of course) lol.

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Name:	321 Tickle Talk.jpg 
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  3. I'm in a Lee Kind of Mood, and I Want to Be Completely, Sweetly Destroyed 🥰.

  4. I Know... 😊😘

    As much as you try your very best to stay away, you find yourself right here reading my words... Looking for a sign... Something to say that I still think of you...

    Oh, you're hoping that you don't forget to visit online me before you sign in or right after you sign out. (You forgot to do that once...)

    But, I know.

    In quiet spaces before you go to sleep, after you've had your fill of model girls who don't know you, and after watching giggly clips of women

    Updated 09-28-2021 at 12:38 PM by Sunriseticklee

    True Tickling Stories
  5. Middle Tennessee Munch- Reflections 🥰🥰🥰

    I am utterly exhausted, but feeling really good about our third munch.

    We had 3 people travel from Alabama and one from Kentucky. Five of us were local. The group is growing much more diverse with people of all different walks of life and backgrounds, but it still surprises me of how much we all have in common.

    We were in a tight space at a local spot with a nice vibe. The place was really busy, but they accommodated us quickly. Drinks poured and the afternoon began
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