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  1. The Question I am Asked The Most

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    Where are you most ticklish?
    This is the question that I am asked the most that I NEVER answer.
    Why would I ever make it that easy for you?

    A great ler is in tune to the lee's body. A great ler loves the exploration and will punish you for making them work for it.

    Be a great lee... Withholding is part of the chase.
  2. My Session with the Most Disrespectful Switch I Have Ever Met! 😅 X-Posted

    So, this Friday, I kicked off my July 4th weekend traveling south from Nashville to meet up with a friend whom I previously had the honor of meeting during our Mid-TN Tklover's Munch in May. I've got to say that this is precisely why I like munches. During the munch, I felt instantly comfortable with him. He made me laugh the entire time he was there, gave me a massive hug goodbye, and then proceeded to send me the most inappropriately VIVID DMs for the next month. So- I could not resist taking ...