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  1. The Chronicles of Bald - Episode 2

    So I'm thinking of becoming a professional artist. I have all this insane talent and amazing ideas just come bursting into my head all the time and I think I am going to asplode. I am thinking of taking some pictures of my feet and photoshopping them onto the faces of famous celebrities and making a collage. Or perhaps I can take pictures of my face and photoshop them on some famous feet.

    I really hate everything these days. I hate the 7 train. I hate pedestrians. I hate helicopters. ...
  2. The Chronicles of Bald - Episode 1

    My first weekend of blogging was a good one for me. I spent a lovely Friday and Saturday with my wonderful girlfriend Sarah. I arrived at her place to have dinner ready and waiting for me.

    Over the next 24 hours I ler'd her pretty much non-stop and she just happily took it. Its almost as if she might like being tickled. I'm not sure, I'll have to monitor that one.

    We spent a lovely Saturday walking through Prospect Park, debating whether or not the lake ...