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Blog Comments

    This is so incredibly sweet.
    Awww how lovely
    Jeff, what a wonderful, heartwarming, experience.

    I hope both for you and for Oreo, that last night was the first of many nights, of relaxing, comfort and love.

    Happy Memorial Day
    He deserved it.
    It's so familiar..
    I am just seeing this now. Wow. Yeah, I am in complete agreement with your final words, what a freaking lowlife.

    I have to say though....I laughed when you said people ran into problems writing about Gus D'Amato! I'd guess Senator Al wasn't far behind! :P

    There's lowlifes....and then there's lowlifes. A lowlife with access to entirely too much money.
    wow, they honored you with a "Street of the Gods"! yes, they described you well!!
    YES! HATE THAT!!!!

    Not talking verbal teasing, and interjecting.....

    I find this happening most often in certain f/f videos, actually. Like they're competing with the 'lee for attention or something......
    Jeff, wow......FASCINATING. Absolutely FASCINATING.

    And well-written, also! (not surprising).

    You really put us in those early internet days! I didn't get online until the late 90s, so......this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I've always wondered about. I'm really looking forward to reading more! Now that I know this is here, I'll make sure to stop by the blogs each day. (I clicked on here accidentally!).

    Thanks for sharing this vivid, detailed remembrance with us! I, for one, find it extremely, extremely interesting.
    Here's a reference to it - http://www.topmudsites.com/forums/mu...?mudid=dionyza

    Dionyza, I now recall, was the name of the girl we gave it to. When she heard we were going to shut it down she asked if she could take it over and we said sure.
    Here's a piece of code I just found archived from a MUD (not mine) called MadROM that I was a moderator on, from an adventure zone I wrote called Baba Yaga's hut. Many of us who ran our own games were also moderators on each other's games.

    We'd stop in and hang out on the "moderator only" channel, or wander their game, invisible and omnipotent, to check out all their cool new ideas.

    Baba Yaga's hut program (by Garion of BFM)

    >death_prog 100~
    mpecho hut The force animating the hut is gone. Its legs buckle and it falls...
    mpecho hut THUD!
    mpecho hut The door *bangs* open and a powerful wind sucks you into the hut.
    mpecho hut The door slams shut and disappears.
    mptransfer all 9901
    I actually embedded an Easter Egg in that adventure. I stole the idea of an Ogre that had been brainwashed to think it was a dainty maid from the DND adventure Castle Amber, and I gave it a feather duster.

    In these old text games if you had an item you could "look" the item and get a description, that might be as simple as "look sword - you see a sharp looking blade" to something more important like "look clue - you see a note directing you to investigate the third book from the left."

    So if you "look feather duster" after defeating the Ogre Maid in Baba Yaga's Hut, you see "tickle tickle"
    And if that continuing gig could help fund his retirement, he's a very lucky gnome actor indeed!
    Old (literally) D&D nerd ... would often play Friday AND Saturday night (get a life, eh?). This brings back memories - but seeing the detail some people put into it makes me realize just how "primitive" our games were!
    Updated 11-28-2018 at 09:22 PM by sceej56 (said more than is appropriate - hijacking thread)
    Probably the only cool Dungeons and Dragons story, to be fair.
    i remember him from back in the day..That is crazy..friggen people man..im glad its over and we are all still here
    I remember this. I didn't really get it at the time cuz I was young and didn't know about the dude but omg what a vile gross person
    I was horrified over his behaviour when I saw the Tickled documentary, and I'm very glad that in the end he wasn't able to affect the forum and you personally, Jeff. It's good to know that bullies don't always prosper - even rich ones.
    I can't stand the kind of person that you described.

    (How D'Amato was, I mean)

    Someone who wants to hurt others for no reason.

    I'm very sorry that you went through that, Jeff.

    I can understand your feelings about his death.

    May the greater force judge him in death, for the way he lived life, if you know what I mean.
    That's true. Good point.
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