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Bewildered Turtle

"True love knows
no bargains.
It is one-way traffic:
giving, giving, giving."

  1. Ugly

    by , 04-06-2009 at 12:00 AM (Bewildered Turtle)
    Sometimes I really hate the phrase "In the eye of the beholder", I mean what of the eyes? Can we be our own beholders? If yes, then what do we see exactly? If no, then what is it that someone else can see that we can't? I've been thinking about this for 2 months now.

    I can't stand my body, I can't. I hate the shape of my fingers. I hate the random freckles on my back. I hate the round shape of my stomach. I hate how my breasts look like deflated balloons. I hate how wide my shoulders ...
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