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  1. Finally, I Was Plagiarized

    It’s probably happened before.

    Twenty-two years is a long time to put your work online with some relative level of popularity (if I do say so myself!) and not have anyone copy it. Chances are it’s happened before, only I was never aware of it until a couple of weeks ago. Or made aware of it, I should say. A big thank you to TMF member vootvoot for that, by the way. Kind soul that vootvoot is, they directed me to the dastardly DeviantArt fiend who’d stolen my work.

  2. Balancing Plot and Action (part three)

    In my story ‘Hysteria Lane #10: Oh Maggie’, the real down and dirty tickling action doesn’t begin until almost a quarter way through. That’s a lot of set-up for a reader to wade through, especially when –as mentioned previously- the vast majority of anyone reading the story is there for one reason: To read about the tickling. If you’re an author of tickling fiction it’s worth knowing that most readers simply do not care about anything beyond the sexy action sequences. Harsh as that may sound at ...
  3. Balancing Plot and Action (part two)

    Ha! I got back in here well under the 8-year-mark.

    Before we get back into the topic at our ever-eager hands, I feel like it’s important to point out one thing: At no point during reading these blog posts should anyone take anything I say here as the be-all and end-all of writing rules for tickle fiction. These musings are purely to discuss how I go about my own work. All too often, especially for newer authors, reading anything on writing technique can become intimidating. It can ...

    Updated 06-01-2022 at 03:41 PM by TickleMantis

  4. Balancing Plot and Action (part one)

    Hello Friends!

    It's only been about, oh 8~ years since my last blog post here. Without exaggeration it could easily be another 8 years before my next one! The reason for my writing now is because, as I sit working on the next installment of the Tickle Tutor series, I've been thinking a lot about the balance of plot and action, such as it is.

    At the time of writing this post my longest story yet, Tickle Tutor #5: The Terrible Origin of Jai Lin, has been online for a ...

    Updated 10-30-2020 at 11:52 AM by TickleMantis

  5. Test testing 1...2...3

    G'day Folks!

    I've never used the Blog feature on the TMF before. It's pretty neat! I am curious though, do others read the entries? I feel like I'd just be babbling to myself, so this is a test to see if it's worth taking advantage of.

    If there's anyone interested, I'd like to create some discussion about writing tickle-fiction, different aspects, techniques, observations maybe. I have Private Messaged the TMF Powers-That-Be and asked if it would be worth having ...