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  1. Weird Dream

    In the dream I was pleasuring myself with a feather duster/fan and I was really getting into it. I had my eyes closed and my head tilted back... on the edge, you might say, enjoying it to the hilt. Then I open my eyes and look down and my cock is so long that it is nearly touching the floor... Whoosh... I don't remember any more after that...

    So, what do you think?
  2. Is it wrong?

    I want so much to share my tickle fetish. I can't stop my leg from twitching as I write this. I have always been equal in tickle affiliation (switch) and want more than anything to share this with a lady, a woman who likes talking about feet, feathers and tickling private parts... I mean it is a fetish, after all... yes? Sexual feelings come into play. How can I fight my natural inclinations? I know there are SO many guys out there in the forum wanting the same thing. The over saturation of male ...

    Updated 02-24-2016 at 11:19 AM by Volsung

  3. Role-play!

    Quote Originally Posted by Volsung View Post
    What I'm looking for is a woman to roll-play with... something on a fairly regular basis. She can be LEE, LER, or switch.

    Please check out my profile and stories... that should give you a better idea where I'm coming from.