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  1. TMF Activity Over The Years


    Jeff has always kept his fingers on the activity stats and such, but I can make some general statements from what I know.

    A big part of what you see is the evolution of the internet. When we started, boards like this were the dominant way for people to interact and form 'tribes' that shared an interest. At the time is was VERY novel. For the first time people could see that there were others
  2. wondering...

    There's some talk of people hosting gatherings again at the end of this year. I heard the vaccine is effective for 6 months (I know experts say it's probably longer, but when it comes to health and safety I'm not sure if we can rely on probablies) so just wondering if attendees will be required to have proof of a recent booster or if that's not really a concern.
  3. :(

    The personals section is getting grim enough to be abusive. I feel so bad for women there. If certain guys don't get the response they're looking for, they go on a insult tear. 😒 I don't see why thats necessary.
  4. happy belated national pet day :)

  5. another day, another derangement

    kind of a bummed out day, but naps and music help

    This is the video Ted Turner had made for CNN to play in the event the world was coming to an end.


    George Floyd's girlfriend, Courteney Ross was Duante Wright's high school teacher. ...
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