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  1. another day, another derangement


    kind of a bummed out day, but naps and music help




    This is the video Ted Turner had made for CNN to play in the event the world was coming to an end.


  2. using the search bar

    It's kind of shitty how the same one or two people are always harping at others to use the search function before posting to avoid making a duplicate thread, despite mods saying they don't mind.

    The forum is 20+ years old and even when you use the search bar, the results are not always correct or consistent.

    But overall these members responses are annoying especially because of how often they occur, but I think they intimidate people from posting as much as well. ...

    Updated 04-03-2021 at 03:00 PM by chicago

  3. ♡◇

    Some members on here are so quick to anger, they make me look like Bob Ross. I can't believe the way the mods are being talked to, but it only ends up highlighting how these members feel about themselves.

    In other news, I can't get a fuckin covid vaccine appointment or the pharmacies are out of doses. And I gotta go to the dentist next week to fix some stuff. Blech

    One of the members in my iop group graduates today. He's a 67 year old navy Vietnam vet and he's the nicest ...

    Updated 04-01-2021 at 08:04 AM by chicago

  4. thoughts

    Sometimes, I just can't control my thoughts
    No medication's ever made them stop
    All I think about is everything I'm not
    Instead of everything I got

    'Cause I'm scared they're all laughin', so I make the joke first
    If I beat 'em to the punchline, then I can't get hurt
    Yeah, I swear to God I'm tryin', but I don't know how to be
    How to be a good friend to me

    'Cause sometimes I just feel like I'm a freak
    When ...
  5. ○●□■

    This was one of the therapy horses :D

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