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  1. Happy FL resident

    I MOVED TO FLORIDA!!! nifty huh?

    so now i live in ST Petersburg FL, If anyone would like to visit lemme know... (i hear its still quite cold up in the north )

    anyways far as my life goes, im pretty happy and i start paramedic school this week so fingers crossed that ill like this new school...
    also now that i have no cable, or money, ill be on a lot more so hopefully i can catch up with my long lost great friends on here..
    yall have a good one
  2. Im an EMT

    So i tried the college kid thing and the weirdest thing happened,

    so thank yah to everyone who helped and supported me, especially @ nest gettin blood pressures

    So no next week I start five semesters of Paramedic than im done w/ MI and onto Florida (hopefully) and becoming a Firefighter, or a cop or just living as a paramedic
  3. New cord and New updates

    Its funny i ramble here cuz the folks i hang out with are sick of hearin me... I live such an exciting life.

    Anyways, first and foremost i got my laptop to work again which is awesome.

    2. Im registered for my second Nest as of an hour ago (PRETTY FUCKING STOKED!!!!!!!)

    3. Im seriously considering becoming a marine reservist to help out the local unit who lacks leadership for training.

    4. I start college in a few weeks for EMT!!!!!!!!!! ...
  4. damn computer

    The power cord no longer charges my computer so I gotta find out if they'll fix that for me.
    Good news is thar I can acess the site somewhat via my new awesome phone. So until I'm all the back online ill be able to post and chat through messages.
    I've missed chattin wit y'all I promise just been rough mentally gettin used to being here this long.
    Also great news!!! I start college in april for EMT. I'm extremly excited and scared shitless bout becomin a college Kid.
  5. I LIVE!!!!!!!

    I have returned to the TMF maybe not as much as i was before but i will def try to be on atleast once a day posting and making sure yall know how much i love yah.

    Its gonna be fun to see how much has changed. I've already noticed quite a bit.

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