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  1. When your personality is also your fetish

    I went to my first general kink (non-tickle focused) munch last night! A few of us were chatting, and since I was the newb, they were curious about what my "niche" kink interest was. Before I could even say, someone blurted out "You're so bubbly and giggly, it has to be tickling!"

    Apparently I wear my kink on my sleeve
  2. Some quick amateur previews of me :)

    Quote Originally Posted by SugarSoaker View Post
    Hey all! Long-time TMFer and tickle fetishist here. Finally decided to make a channel for some quick clips. Working on adding more so check back (probably might also delete this but for right now I'm feeling brave haha). They're short and nothing special but I'm a fan of seeing people from the forum tickled, so hoping you guys are, too! Enjoy and don't forget to check back as I add more!


  3. A PSA to stop getting your hopes up

    If she has a bunch of face pics public in her TMF album but isn't verified. She's prob not real so stop falling in love with her. Change my mind
  4. Just a vent from your token venter

    There’s never been an official “you can and/or can’t post about tickling *insert random stranger/girlfriends mom/co-worker here*” but it happens so often I’ve always just assumed it was allowed. They pop up every few weeks and people either jump down OPs throat (tbh I think there’s a subkink there- people getting kicks out of other people shaming them), or cheer OP on: What’s the harm, right?” “It’s just tickling.” “Calm down, prudes how else are we supposed to get our rocks off!?”

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  5. Is this the place to post about a munch?

    Quote Originally Posted by LishBabyBlues View Post
    Hello Cincinnati!!

    Tuesday, March 15 @6:00 pm- fretboard brewing co. about 20 minutes north of cincinnati!
    Trivia is at 6:30! Unless the category is cat facts or early 00s emo bands, I won’t be of any contribution, but I’ll probably get drunk and say funny (or awkward) things! Don’t be shy- let’s get you lurkers out of the dark, scary shadows (I probably shouldn’t make posts at 1:15 am but here we are). Just shoot me a courtesy PM so I know how many to expect and I can let