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  1. Editing: Window of Opportunity vs. Working Late

    by , Yesterday at 08:11 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    In the past, I've been so focused on simply getting the stories written out and sharing them that I skipped the editing stage entirely. With these last two stories, the plan was to start taking steps towards changing that, the first step being compiling and editing them after the rough drafts were posted. Window of Opportunity's complete and revised post is now up, and I've just worked out my plan for draft 2 of Working Late. Already, a few interesting differences have emerged.

    Window ...
  2. Bratty lee London

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaryn. View Post
    Hey I知 a female 19 years old studying at uni, I知 a lee and a non con one, I hate being tickled and even touched but I see tickling as a punishment and who likes punishments? Well not me lmao. Punishment because of my behaviours that I値l tell you when we plan the rp or session irl who knows any evil sadistic ler. I知 very ticklish especially on my feet and privates like omfg lol touch me there you値l get fly kicked. Anyone who痴 intrested add me on Discord notmaths and my display name is Notmaths💀.
  3. Test3

    From a realm void of thought and speech came the recognition that life had taken a wretched turn.
    A memory haunts the fog of her dreamscape, brazen against the cool stillness of the bedroom, a lingering wet heat violating the nudity of her feet. She sees smooth and uncovered sheets taper over the edge of the mattress and beyond that red numbers glare at her from the darkness of her dresser as if angry that she ignored their cries. She stares back unthinking and curling her toes she curses ...
  4. Tickle My Feet Manchester!

    Hey there!

    I am a 22 year old ticklee from Manchester.

    I have a pair of unbearably ticklish size 10s which are gagging to be tied and tickled.

    I cannot accom, however I am looking to meet ticklers.

    Drop me a message or a reply here if interested!
  5. November Southern Tickling Events- My Bad... :(

    Hey.... Been seriously ill for the past 3+ weeks now, so that's why I haven't been on TMF/ updating.

    Hopefully, I will be able to post the December events, soon. AND Hopefully, I'll stop coughing, sooner!

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