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  1. Online Scammer Writes a story about The Tickle Monster

    WARNING! Recently I was speaking with someone on Tumblr…
    This person spent a few days talking to me… Quickly they offered to send me $750 via paypal. Stating that their psychologist had recommended they find “an arrangement” with someone… like me… where they would pay me simply to talk to them.

    They seemed like a completely normal person until this point…
    However I turned down the offer and informed this person … Howard… that I talked with people without charge because ...
  2. Commissions Open

    Hello y'all. I'm FantasyLaughs. I new tickle writer who has lurked and read in this community for years. I've decided to start writing as well now and some of you have read my Alien Laughing Engine story. That won't be stopping any time soon, but I'd like to take commissions as well.

    I didn't plan on starting commissions until a few more stories were out, but I'm short $100 dollars for rent this month so I started early. I have a dwindling savings and hope to not dip into that right ...
  3. KIK messenger names?

    Quote Originally Posted by tkltortureme View Post
    30/NB/lee looking for people to chat or RP with! My Kik is ticklish_soul. For some reason I’m not always able to see new chats right away, so please if you start a chat with me l, send me a DM here with your Kik name so I can open the chat.
    Male and female custom vids, all requests taken, have all bondage equipment you can think of. Most beautiful female feet I’ve seen
  4. The first two Ashley Grable stories

    by , 06-13-2022 at 01:19 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    Well, the second Ashley Grable story (out of six planned) is done, and I've got some thoughts on writing it versus writing the first one. The first thing to note is that my pace of writing was pretty much the exact opposite for the two stories: The Janitor's Closet was written and posted in a single night, when I happened to hit a flow state and pretty much just went. The Right Response, on the other hand, had no such rush of inspiration: it was written slowly and sporadically over the last seven ...

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:02 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Post-story reflections
  5. How much sleep did you get last night?

    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    6 hours
    8 hours