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    Quote Originally Posted by marina shekotki View Post
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  2. Cassandre appreciation post

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    I just think she’s cute and like the idea of putting her through hell.

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  3. kalamos.gumroad.com - Foot Tickling Art Collection 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalamos View Post
    Now offering Original Art from my Patreon Gallery at a DISCOUNT.

    Fetish Art
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  4. Check out my blog on my website! :)

    Here’s a link to the blog on my website:


    Hope you enjoy, and, as always, thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. AI Story - Father and Son Country Club Experience

    John and his son, Tim, had just moved to the small town of Oakdale, and they were excited to join the local country club. They had always loved golf and couldn't wait to make new friends and spend their weekends playing on the lush green course.

    When they arrived at the club for their first day, they were greeted by the head pro, Mr. Thompson. He gave them a tour of the facilities and introduced them to a few of the other members. Everything seemed to be going great until they were ...