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  1. Do you have a "safe word" to use to signal your tickler to stop tickling you?

    I have one to protect me from overzealous ticklers. I feel that tickling should be edgy and test the ticklee's endurance but there needs to be a way out.
  2. My new Clips4Sale Rose Fetish Garden!

    by , 02-09-2018 at 11:47 PM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    I know it's been a long wait, but life kept getting in the way. I am a super kinky sexual deviant who is excited to share her escapades with her partner in crime Libertine and her model friends. I will cater to a myriad of kinks and fetishes, but tickling will be the main focus since it is the fetish that is near and dear to my heart. Please understand that we are new and still learning. I also take custom orders email proswitchrose@gmail.com. If you've ever wanted to see clips of a female who ...
  3. Feeling alone.

    I've always felt alone with my tickle fixation, I've created a Deviant Art page to act as an outlet as well as a few tickle/bondage videos, however I confess my feelings of isolation and discontentment are increasing as of late. Perhaps this is a symptom of a more vast depressive feeling I'm accustom to simply directed towards my fetish, or maybe this is common occurrence among those with sexual predilections that are uncommon.
  4. Thoughts over Christmas

    Various musings I had over the Christmas break:-

    1. Is it just me but I don't like seeing my other half tickle his relatives. Yes its playful and harmless, but seeing him lift them up, cuddle them and tickle them, when I sat there to mingle with his brother, is not on. It caused a little rift that day, but I guess its never really come up.

    2. We did however play a lot over the break. No cuffs but he held me down and trapped me with his legs so I couldn't kick about ...
  5. 2017 Tickle Recap

    by , 12-28-2017 at 03:42 PM (Tickling Thoughts)
    It's that time of year to pause and count the many ways I've been tickle-blessed.

    Familiar Faces, and Fingers

    The chemistry and knowledge between experienced playmates heightens the tickling ecstasy to another level.

    Estelle Sinclair and I met once a quarter. This year I happened to be in session just after she got a new leather bondage table/rack, complete with stirrups, chains, and other things that expose tickle spots helplessly. Her verbal teasing ...

    Updated 12-28-2017 at 03:58 PM by JoePTickle

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