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    I don't need context.
    I'm well aware of history, and I do my own research.

    I don't need a history lesson from anyone on my blog. Also, this isn't the point.

    Take care!
    I was just providing context. What often gets lost in discussions about the Civil War is that the North was not as virtuous as many assume.
    Who is this comment for?
    The South did secede over slavery for sure. The North didn't enter the war to end it though. They entered it to "preserve the Union." Lincoln was quoted on multiple occasions that he was open to bringing the country back together without ending slavery. When the Emancipation Proclamation was made, it didn't even free the slaves in areas controlled by the Union. It was a statement that the slaves in areas still controlled by the South were free, which made it more of a virtue signal than an actual liberation. It wasn't until after the war that the 13th Amendment actually freed all of the slaves. Even so, it still allows for slavery of inmates, which explains why unpaid prison labor is still allowed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Tickler
    in response to links from another user with transcripts from secession speeches/ proclamations.

    Here, change this �� Fuck you and George Floyd.
    As for your links, yeah I've done my share of reading in 36 years. You can believe what you want. I'll believe what I learned.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! Much appreciated. Yeah, I saw that response by him. My response to him and his were moderated I guess. All I did was point out facts to a certain fallacy he had about the Civil War. But yes, he showed exactly who you said he was. lol It happens every time when you point out something, the person *thinks* he is not that person, but then proves it by opening their mouths.

    Sorry you had to deal with this. It is good to call it out though.

    Oh, thank you for everything you do on this forum. I know planning gatherings and stuff is a pain in the ass, so I wanted to let you know you are appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by primetime
    Oh damn, really? Sorry you had to deal with that. I hope it is not as bad as I am thinking. Speak your mind!
    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Primetime!

    Yep... and in the words of Dennis Green, "They are who we thought they were!" But I sure wasn't gonna let them off the hook.

    The truth and the proof came out damn near immediately. All I had to do was post the words.

    Thanks for your response and the links. (albeit moderated) I still have a copy.
    I did...

    Again... Unfortunately.
    Oh damn, really? Sorry you had to deal with that. I hope it is not as bad as I am thinking. Speak your mind!
    This is so incredibly sweet.
    I like the Sir you threw in there... The juxtaposition... Very sexy.
    Ok.... I'll read each and every one! LOL
    As far as mine... I could be here all night telling you those.
    I have this little detail I enjoy when it's my turn to get tickled... I like being tied while wearing a button up dress shirt. Soon the shirt is unbuttoned and I'm exposed. I think it's the excitement of feeling protected by it and then having that protection disappear.
    One of these mornings...