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  1. Clip store update

    Just a quick update to those who followed me for my clip store. Its currently closed until I can find a new host. Had various issues in the past and found them rather lacking, now they arent paying out right and Im still awaiting money Im owed 2 weeks later. So Ive decided to close the store until I find somewhere better.

    Dont worry, still have plenty more new content to put out as well as all the old ones, once I find a better host.
  2. Current Fantasy- I Have Many... But Right Now! What's Yours? 🤭🤫 F/M

    How It Began:

    I want to tickle a guy completely out of his suit. Just pin him down and torture his ticklish body in his business attire! He breaks just enough for me to remove his sports coat... TICKLE TICKLE! Then his dress pants... TICKLE! His shirt! "Are you ticklish, Sir?" TICKLE! Only his socks, his boxers, and his tie remain. "Don't cry!" Maybe I'll remove those too! 😈😘

    Oh... See what you made me do? Now I have to write about it, write about you. BUT ...
  3. Would You Kindly? Cross Posted

    To the PEOPLE who grow angry when a person doesn't just gladly disrobe and do everything you could ever dream of them doing just because you showed the basic and weakest level of a LOW EFFORT as you hardly managed to pretend to communicate a molecule of interest... would you kindly just STOP!


    STOP with the posts, threads, the blind emails, the bitter comments, and angry writings complaining about how YOU don't get as much play as you deserve!
  4. Help me make a higher commission.

    by , 09-03-2023 at 12:12 AM (The Tales of The Crazy Kinky Opera Diva)
    From now until September 20th I can make a 120% commission on clips sold off of my Clips4Sale store. Please consider showing your support if you'd like.
  5. Southern Fried Tickling- September Munch Flyer

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	septmunchjapan.jpg 
Views:	380 
Size:	74.9 KB 
ID:	745613

    DM me if you are seriously interested in attending.