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  1. One picture is the talented artist that took me in the correct direction

  2. Got a few more pics up

  3. Automatic tickling machine

    Ok a while back I posted I was working on a automatic tickling machine. Wow tried and failed multiple times then I came across a picture from a very talented artist I will share the picture and bang it hit. I have to give the artist full credit on steering meet in the correct direction just by his picture. Well the machine is a ruff draft so it has numerous speeds very strong but not super fast will be working on improving it but this machine doesn't give a crazy amount of tickling like a brush ...
  4. Mf stories?

    I must admit, I'm shocked at how few and far between the M/f story topics are. Am I alone in this? Nothing against anyone or anyone's taste
  5. Another Anti Vaxxer Dies of COVID. How many need to go before people wake up?

    I've lost a few friends now to COVID ---- only lost one from pneumonia in a few decades ---- and others have gotten very sick, one is still hospitalized in very serious condition, because they listened to too much political "misinformation."

    He now can't wait to survive and get vaccinated. Like so many others, some of whom never make it.

    Trump was vaccinated immediately. That man takes good care of *himself.

    Yes, about 10%

    Updated Yesterday at 08:51 AM by FrenzyTickles

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