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  1. 7/24/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 07-24-2022 at 10:55 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    Ok, week two of drafting is past! The latter half of the week was rather busy, which interfered with writing some, but I still got almost as much done this week as last week, which bodes well going forward. On the whole, I would say that when I could sit down and write, I found my rhythm a little sooner and stayed in it a little longer. I am feeling pretty good about that!

    I am continuing to grow more comfortable writing foot tickling, and I quite like a bit of description I wrote ...

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:03 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Progress Updates , Megan Huntley Progress
  2. 7/17/22 Story Progress Update

    by , 07-17-2022 at 07:06 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    My next story, Window of Opportunity (title subject to change, but I do rather like this one) is coming along nicely. I finished the outline for it last Sunday, and have been making slow but steady progress on the story itself. As I said in my last blog post, I am starting with the ending on this one. It is presenting a bit of a challenge; the writing feels slightly... unmoored, when there is only an outline to go on for what came before. I suppose I could fix that by including summaries of what ...

    Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:03 AM by ticklefanatic15

    Progress Updates , Megan Huntley Progress
  3. Who’s Your Daddy?!!

    This is an opinion piece - please note subject matter involves the DDLG branch of BDSM and if this content matter is not your cup if tea - please move along to another post

    Noîhing makes me less impressed or less comfortable than someone who just starts referring to themselves as Daddy.

    A Daddy is not just a title we throw around. It MEANS something. It means you are responsible for the person you are a Daddy to.

    It's a part of a relationship dynamic ...
  4. Lee looking for fun in Belleville, IL

    Usually a ler. But want to explore the lee side. Located in Belleville, IL.
  5. On the Care and Feeding of Tickle Models - Part II


    Welcome to the second in a series of stuff collectively titled "What you need to know in order to run a tickling studio." You can read Part One here, wherein I explain the hows and whys of scouting and approaching talent for your venture. I suggest you read it first.

    Still here? Good. Now that you've sent out a billion first contacts, a potential model has actually responded to you! What do you do now?

    Well, the first thing to note is that what ...

    Updated 09-22-2022 at 02:59 PM by SoleMates