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Take a moment to reflect upon those who have sacrificed in the past with their service, as you enjoy this Memorial Day.

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  1. I'm Back!!! :D

    Hope you haven't been missing out on the new clips while I've been gone.. There are 6 new ones up between the two clips stores...

    Had a fabulous time camping last week but so happy to be back home. (attached a photo of a nut I found while camping :P)

    Doing a shoot with Ireland tomorrow and looking forward to FETISH CON in August as always!

    Huggs and kisses, ...
  2. OK....This Sucks

    by , 07-22-2009 at 06:59 AM (Kered's World)
    Am I in the Twilight Zone? Just looked out the window and now there are TWO fucking tree rats in my garden! And they are looking at me.....
  3. breaking down rignt now

    i am seriously breaking down rignt now i need tracy she is the only one that has ever been able to calm me down and make me feel better and think straight no one else has ever been able to do that i seriously need her no i am trying so hard to get someone to get ahold of her im hurting so badly
  4. in a mess

    im in such a mess right now and i dont know wht to do i been having the worst luck i poted my police scanner on craigs list and someone responde they came over today i gave it to him and he said he needed the addapter for it so i went up stairs and went through a mess of courds to get to it and it was not there i could not find it i was like what the hell i was ready to give up and say sorry dude could not find it even tho i needed the money then i for the heck of it i plugged the addapter in it ...
  5. Fill out yer feckin' profiles!

    by , 07-21-2009 at 08:02 AM (Sort of a male lesbian...)
    Now, I'm not a particularly easy guy to rile, unless you happen to be a religious fundamentalist or an insufferable asshole. I go through life with no major qualms, because I often figure, "life's too short to give a damn".

    However, despite my amicable nature, I have one major peeve. When I am chatting to someone online, be it on this forum or indeed any other, I tend to view their profile to find out about them (for the sake of simplicity I'll refer to profile options from this particular ...