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  1. Chat room

    Greetings all.

    I've been around this site for quite some time...incredible to see the growth of the community. What a great job Jeff and the moderators have done to keep it going for so long.

    I've come and gone to the site but have spent a lot more time here i'd say since the fall. One area of the site i spend a lot more time in now is the chat room. While there's the downtime that's always happened with people pm'ing most of the time in general the I believe the ...
  2. Banner TMF

    [QUOTE=emmahdez1987;4525887]Hi, we posted a TMF banner on our blog. We would appreciate it if the forum administrators could take a look at it.
    Thank you.

  3. For ticklers

    [QUOTE=emmahdez1987;4522731]For ticklers[/QUOTE]
  4. Channel #TMF on KIK app

    [QUOTE=emmahdez1987;4525878]I have a question. Is the channel in the KIK app called #TMF an official channel of this forum or is it an unauthorized channel?[/QUOTE]
  5. BDSM question

    Is it customary for the fashion and the lifestyle to go hand and hand or can the two be independent?

    I love the way the fashion looks.

    In addition to the aesthetically pleasing appearance, the outfits seem to be functionally designed to handle amorous activities as well.

    Updated 04-22-2020 at 05:28 PM by tkpatience