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Take a moment to reflect upon those who have sacrificed in the past with their service, as you enjoy this Memorial Day.

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  1. Foot Fetish Party !!!

    Iím super excited to announce my first party of the 2023rd year !!

    SOLES OF EUPHORIA!! Nothing but a bunch of beautiful feet attached to beautiful bodies waiting to be worshipped, tickled, spanked, tied up and so much more.

    This round we will be in Elizabeth, NJ - door is only 50 and ladies are free.7p-12A/1A. Weíre opening up this monthly event to more kinks that we usually donít have. This time youíll be welcomed to: flogging / spanking , trampling , shibari rope ...
  2. November- Upcoming Tickling Events In the Southern U.S. 🧐🙂

    Are you going to any of these events?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Be sure to check out the TMF thread "Upcoming Tickling Events In the Southern-ish U.S. 🧐🙂 UPDATED 11/6/21" for more information and links.

    DM me for info about the Nashville Munch!
  3. My wife offered $2,000 by stranger to tickle and video her feet for 1 hour tied down

    She was too scared meeting this stranger in another city, not knowing if he was a crazy or not. So she had to turn down $2,000 offered. He wanted her on a tickle table. Strapped down. Her feet would be videoed while he tickled them for 1 hour. The guy said he saw her feet on the internet and fell in love with them. Has anyone else had their wife's feet offered up for sale?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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  4. The Ides of Baan F/F (TEASER)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Jersey Devil View Post
    Hello people!

    EDIT: So the Ides of Baan is now on sale for your wonderful viewing pleasure! Please take a moment and enjoy the free preview below and see if it's something you'd like to sink your teeth into. As always, feedback is appreciated on everything, and I do hope you enjoy this latest 36k book!

    The Ides of Baan: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IABR2K6


    The Ides of Baan

  5. New Writer-Kinda-In Town! 'The Proposition' F/F And Possibly More

    Quote Originally Posted by The Jersey Devil View Post

    The Proposition

    An E-Novel by your favorite unknown

    The Costly Proposition at that... what the hell kind of brokered deal did he think he'd be running when he threw the plans down for a multi-million dollar restoration of that old pile of rubble?!

    There was only so much leeway one could offer a project manager regarding funding before it became too much, and Morgan had just about reached her spending cap when the
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