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  1. My Final Response: Micro Aggressions, Barely Veiled Racism, & Why Politics.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunriseticklee View Post
    In case you have not noticed, this thread was moderated and there were posts removed from the thread when Outlaw Tickler ranted, raved, said the usual textbook statements/ talking points many racists say, randomly called out and cursed a Black man who was killed by the hand of law enforcement, and then cursed those who attempted to provide historically accurate primary resources to discount his theories.

    There is more information located on my blog.

    This post was simply

    Updated 09-18-2023 at 07:28 PM by Sunriseticklee

  2. Barely Veiled Racism and Microaggressions Proclaimed in the TMF Chatroom! 🥳

    Am I surprised?

    Should I be at this point?

    Should I be surprised?

    Probably not.

    I'm going to take a couple of days to get my words together before I share the conversation that occurred around me and continued even as I spoke up and stated it was offensive and disrespectful.

    This includes another person in the chatroom speaking up about the topic (thank you) and how close it was getting to becoming ugly before the room was ...

    Updated 09-20-2023 at 11:56 PM by Sunriseticklee

    Non-Tickling Content
  3. Seriously?! Black colleges closing due to bomb threats from emboldened Trumpists.

    This sh*t should not be happening in 2022. And in the U.S.A... There is also a huge problem with the midwestern & southern educational systems; creating their own Hillbilly textbooks outlining a flat Earth and other outdated, irrational "information" or alternate "realities" is clearly not working. And no, their revisionist early American "history" is not helping either.

    This racist trash is not tolerable.

    Demented Donald McDicTraitor & his violent

    Updated 02-03-2022 at 10:17 AM by FrenzyTickles

  4. AGAIN, why Black Lives Matter is needed to combat racism. INCLUDING PRISON REFORM.

    This is CRAZY. What year is this??? ...Not even "the same crime..." The white woman stole SO much more, and got probation ?! WHATTHEFUGGINGHELL???

    ........ Then again, this is documented across the board with all sorts of crimes, why am I surprised.


    The Root
    Ohio Court Sentences Black Woman to 18 Months in Prison the Day After Giving White

    Updated 08-13-2021 at 04:02 AM by FrenzyTickles (HOLLY, BROCK, KAREN.... COME ON, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!)

  5. Being an Ally When It Comes to Race...

    I like this tweet by Kayla Reed:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot 2021-07-16 143606.jpg 
Views:	81 
Size:	45.4 KB 
ID:	660367

    She said (in case you can't see the image):

    A- always center the impacted
    L- listen & learn from those who live in the oppression
    L- leverage your privilege
    Y- yield the floor

    To be a true ally when it comes to conversations or issues with race, you don't change the conversation to anything else. The focus is the problems that are at hand. Any time you

    Updated 07-16-2021 at 06:21 PM by Sunriseticklee

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