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  1. Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Part 2)

    *The Borg are intiating communications with the Enterprise are a brutal intital attack*

    Commander Kurch: Put the communication up on the screen Warf.

    Warf: Aye Aye Commander.

    The Borg Commander:

    Perspiration Is Senile!

    Commander Kurch: Perspiration Is Senile?????

    *The Borg Commander's assistant whipsers to him thats "Resistance is Futile!". The Borg Commander somewhat pissed whspers back "Well its a bit
  2. Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Part 3)

    *Currently The Borg and the Enterprise are engaged in battle. Data thinks he has a way to defeat them*

    Data: I think I have detected a major weakness in the Borg's computer systems Commander. I will need a few moments to check things out with Jordi to be certain.

    Commander Kurch: Excellent Data go ahead but be as quick as you can about it.

    Data: Aye Aye sir.

    *Commander Kurch notices Warf secretly hiding something*

  3. Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Conclusion)

    *Data and Jordi now have a plan to thwart the Borg now all they must do is find a way to execute it.*

    Commander Kurch: What do we need to do to execute this plan of yours Data so we can get the Borg to upgrade to Vista?

    Data: We will need to create a large enough commotion so that we might overide their security and force the upgrade. A harsh barrage of photon torpedoes or severe injury to any Borg crew member would probably suffice.

    Commander Kurch:
  4. Kurchennium (Part 4)

    *kurch goes down to the bakery conference in Akron to see what he can uncover about an evil marketing scheme being planned. There he meets up with Peter Watts.*

    Kurch: Hi Peter.

    Peter Watts: Hi Kurch. Shall we look about and see what we can find?

    Kurch: Yes this place is huge so the sooner we get started the better. Hopefully we can get some clues down here.

    *not soon after they head to the conference a crazed Food Network Star approaches
  5. Kurchennium (Conclusion)

    *The time has come to confront and stop the evil Linda Butler and her plans to sell her tainted fruicakes that cause insanity.*

    *kurch's phone rings*

    Kurch: Hello.

    Peter Watts: Watts here.

    Kurch: Whats here?

    Peter: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! ITS ME PETER

    Kurch: Hehehe Hi. Whats new Peter?

    Peter: Good news Emeril will be ok. Those fruitcake prions though are dangerous, a few more and they would have caused
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