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  1. Worthless

    I'm not worth it. Not to anybody. Goodbye, everyone.

    Updated 10-02-2016 at 09:16 AM by worthlessidiot (Need to)

  2. Sloppy Joe.

    A 1/35 M4A1 Sherman model. It is based off of a picture on a Pacific island in 1944.
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  3. Faking in tickling videos

    I would say it's the same as with fictional and nonfiction movies. When we see a nice movie we don't say the actors are faking. They can only fake too much in acting that we may notice.
    We say they are acting, good or bad.
    That's what I start thinking of some models.
    If using this concept, in my opinion Tickle Abuse is a great fictional tickling company. It's not hard to see when some models are acting. But what impresses me most is that customers keep watching clips with models ...
  4. If I'm not responding to your PMs...

    [B]You don't need to have a go at me.[/B]

    I've spent this whole week moving into university and settling in. Most days and nights consist of drinking, partying, lectures, meeting people, laundry, cooking, cleaning, money stuff, etc.

    Jesus Christ, if I don't immediately respond to your messages you don't need to spam my inbox accusing me of ignoring you! I've just been busy! :rant:
  5. Oh Yeah

    Btw....I date set to complete Phase 2. Phase 3 has already been taken care of. Boy am I lucky for that one. Sooooo guess I'm set (Do I get a prize or something?)
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