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  1. Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Part 1)

    *On Bridge of the Starship Enterprse*

    Data: Commander Kurch we have rescued Captain Picard from the Borg.

    Commander Kurch: Excellent news. How is he?

    Data: Not so good I am afraid. The Borg turned him into a vending machine.

    Commander Kurch: A vending machine?

    Data: Yes I am afraid so. Dr Krusher is trying to help him now.

    Commander Kurch: What kind of snacks has he got. I could go for a Milky Way bar.
  2. Goid Hates Sparkly Vampires

    It could be argued he hates all vampires but I like to think he reserves the most profound detestation for the ones that appear in Anne Rice novels and the suchlike. Also why aren;t more vampires dessicated corpse-looking monsters? They'd be alright if they were that, that would be cool. Gaylord vampires ran Belsen-Bergen.

    Here's a picture I found:

  3. How old were you - Learned of Tickle Fetish

    I was working for a war games facility in 1987 and was stuck working late doing some systems engineering. I thought I had drawn the short straw until I walked past the secretary (the only other person stuck there with me) on the phone to the head office. She was on the traffic side of her desk and was dangling her creamy white soles from her shoe.

    I could tell from her responses on the phone that she was speaking to someone quite high up the command chain. So, I quickly grew myself ...
  4. How old were you when you started tickling?

    I remember that when I was about 7, Id be sitting in the back seat in between the older female twins who we would drop home from church. I was patient and surgically focused to orchestrate my sitting position to be placed between those two girls.

    Once everyone was in, and we were moving, and there was sufficient conversational cover, my insidiously malevolent hands would commence their dastardly deeds on the twins. I considered it my scientific duty to find that slight nuance of ...
  5. Spring is springing...

    Yesterday, it hit the high 50's in my part of New England. Today, its a bit colder, but you still can sense that the seasons, they are a-changing.

    I love this time of year. It's breezy and brisk, and you can get away with a t-shirt if you don't mind a chill now and then. Being outside and active becomes fun again, and people seem to be happier. It's a wonderful time.

    Of course, there's the mud, and the puddles, and the random snow squalls, but those are just temporary. ...