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  1. To the Underestimated and Over-Delivering Ler

    I will admit that I underestimated you. Your sweet, gentle charms were perfect for other lees, but me? I had no real expectations. It would simply be fun. Nothing earth shattering would happen. I would get my ler on and go off into the sunset, unchanged.

    It was your friendship that drew me in, still unsuspecting of what was lurking underneath your "LEE ONLY" 🙄 lol and kind exterior. I thought I was safe. I thought I was going to dole out the punishment, not take it. And I ...

    Updated 06-02-2021 at 08:59 AM by Sunriseticklee (grammar)

  2. Lee or Ler, which do I like better?!

    Well now this one is a toughie...lol.

    I like being the tickler A LOT...I love being in control and hearing My lee laugh so hard they can't contain themselves...a big smile and huge grin on their face helps a lot too, heheh, and I LOVE when tears start to well up in My lee's eyes! Too much too much! bwhahaha!

    Now I'm EXTREMELY ticklish Myself! I like being tickled, but torture?! C'mon, I'm such a smart mouth! I know if I get tied up...it's over! I'm going to ...
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