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  1. My First Paid Session with the Lovely Captured Doll 🤣🤓

    The Session
    Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of being the lee under the diabolical fingers of @CapturedDoll. The session was set to start at 8 p.m. Doll arrived early which gave us time to set up and complete final negotiations after drinks and some light snacks.

    I was nervous, super excited, and highly curious. As I lay on the bed being tied securely, I asked myself the same crazy questions:
    What if I can't take it? (You're a boss!)
    What if it's too much?

    Updated 07-31-2021 at 07:31 AM by Sunriseticklee

    True Tickling Stories
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  2. Part 2- The Secret: 😊 He Had No Idea That....

    He had no idea that she had loved being tickled forever. This was something that had always been a part of her. After college when it was time for her to enter the real world of professionalism and bills and responsibilities, she just leaned into what she did best. She was always expected to be fiercely independent, so she was. She was always told that she was the strongest, so she was. She was also expected to be serious, and though she might have been one of the silliest people she knew once upon ...
  3. Racism and Racist Tropes in Story on TMF

    I was minding my own business searching to see if there was any way to block and not just ignore a member. Assuming that there was a thread or two on the subject, I did a search for the words "block member."

    I stumbled upon the story section, which- to be honest was pretty much on purpose. I clicked on the link. I like tickle stories more than I like videos and art. I was reading a particular story when all of a sudden the writer started referring to the characters by race.

    Updated 07-18-2021 at 11:32 AM by Sunriseticklee

  4. The Secret 😊

    They were coworkers. She was stern, inflexible, and known behind her back as the enforcer. Fellow teachers threatened to send their students to her when their kids were acting out. It was clear that she was good at what she did, but was there any joy in it? He wondered that as kids followed her every direction, rushed to turn in her work, and did what they could to gain her approval. How did she manage that? He admired her and kind of disliked her at the same time. Seemed she didn't care if she ...

    Updated 07-15-2021 at 04:47 PM by Sunriseticklee

  5. My Session with the Most Disrespectful Switch I Have Ever Met! 😅 X-Posted

    So, this Friday, I kicked off my July 4th weekend traveling south from Nashville to meet up with a friend whom I previously had the honor of meeting during our Mid-TN Tklover's Munch in May. I've got to say that this is precisely why I like munches. During the munch, I felt instantly comfortable with him. He made me laugh the entire time he was there, gave me a massive hug goodbye, and then proceeded to send me the most inappropriately VIVID DMs for the next month. So- I could not resist taking ...
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