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  1. Finally, I Was Plagiarized

    Its probably happened before.

    Twenty-two years is a long time to put your work online with some relative level of popularity (if I do say so myself!) and not have anyone copy it. Chances are its happened before, only I was never aware of it until a couple of weeks ago. Or made aware of it, I should say. A big thank you to TMF member vootvoot for that, by the way. Kind soul that vootvoot is, they directed me to the dastardly DeviantArt fiend whod stolen my work.

  2. Kendal Toole

    Anyone have any ticklishness info on Peloton instructor Kendal Toole? She has the perfect feet imo with so many wrinkles.
  3. Things What Make One Grumpy: II

    Hi. You're about to read something that makes me grumpy. Enjoy.

    One of the things I, as a producer, hate to hear is when people dog-pile on the men who appear in videos, calling them fat, ugly, creepy, or any number of a hundred other things that would never fly were the genders to be reversed, but I digress.

    The most common question that seems to come out of such discussions, assuming the people starting them want to be productive, is usually something along the ...
  4. Next Ashley Grable story is almost ready!

    by , 05-11-2023 at 01:08 PM (Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal)
    As the title says, I am getting close to posting the next part of Working Late! I just passed my target wordcount for it today, but there is still a little to be done before it is ready; hopefully I can post it this weekend

    I got a little busier than expected the last month or so, which did make it take longer than i expected, but i am excited to be nearing the end!

    And of course, i will be going back to Megan Huntley after this... the poor girl has been stuck in that ...
  5. When having a tickling fetish went sour

    Hi all, hope you are all well. Ok so not really good at putting my thoughts down so apologys in advance if this cones across poorly.....vocabulary isn't my strong subject haha. I've wanted to write about this for and share it with our wider community for many years as keen to get your honest opinions and feedback (and also get it off my chest). Just a heads up the below doesn't contain any tickling in but its an account of my consequences for having a tickling fetish and the effects its had on me ...
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