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  1. The Tuba

    I wanted to post this somewhere a while back but never got around to getting it done. Just some funny stuff from Dice....

    LMAO! Had to do it. Look at the size of that damn thing .....

    ...On a side note, I'm putting together a song that is coming together surprisingly well.

    Updated 09-30-2014 at 08:22 PM by Bizkit

  2. I've Been Meaning To Downsize

    I have a kingsize bed, bought about 8 years ago. Since it's just me sleeping in it these days, at times I think that it's a bit much. I've thought about maybe a queen size. I've looked at doubles, and yeah they're big enough, but I guess I need a bit more room. I don't want to make too radical a change.

    This definitely needs more thought.
  3. Pre-Gathering Plan of Action

    For the first time in a while I will be attending a gathering of many fantastic people later this fall and I couldn't be more excited. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with all of them but they are all extremely important to me and that's why I'm so excited to see everyone. They are the living proof that I, who is ridiculously introverted, can meet and interact with people (AND become great friends with them) without hesitation or fear; the proverbial "bringing one out of the shell" scenario. I ...
  4. Dwelling In The Past

    Sometimes I find myself lost in thought, thinking about things that happened years ago. Tonight was no exception, though I lost track of time and realized that hours had passed. And now it's bedtime. Where did the day go?
  5. McMenu

    Initially I wrote this other long post but it didn't work out. ....So I'm driving my car the other day, which is a rarity because it's on life support. It's in rough shape, kind of like the son of a bitch driving it...LOL. Well anyway, while rolling along I began to reminisce on this past year, which in part consisted largely of 'coffee, booze and shitty food'..LOL. Isn't that kind of catchy as far as lyrics? Just imagine the song title...''Ode to the Demise of One's Self''. I could go more in depth ...