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  1. Not Downplaying At All...

    I had a good weekend.

    moving on... I finally got home today around noon, after a six hour nap on the side of the road somewhere north of Cincinatti. the driving wasn't a problem, not with company with me in the truck. but without someone to talk to, I just had to crank up the tunes and stay in the lines, a lot like coloring! the last leg being much tougher (the “being alone,” not the coloring).

    I was thinking about my current situation and what I need to do in order ...
  2. Jeg er Gud!

    Cavum er tilbake...
    Jeg er Gud!
  3. yep....sounds about right

    So for the past week now I have been grading undergraduate papers and I'm under the impression that schools are not teaching kids how to write. I'm not really a grammar nazi. I have my little hang ups like everyone else, but I'm not an english major and I don't GA english classes. It does bother me though when I see a paper that you can tell no one proofread. I really don't read for minor things like punctuation placement because half the time I don't know where to put a comma. I'm talking about ...
  4. Weaseling out of things is what separates us from the animals...except the Weasels.

    The last couple of days have been fairly busy. I have been trying to spend time with friends while studying for finals and doing grades at the same time.

    Thursday night my roommate's car literally blew up. I got a phone call at midnight asking me to come get him off the side of the road. When I got there the engine was still smoking and it looked like he had blown some gaskets that were on the side of the highway. So he is now without a car. Luckily, he doesn't live that far from ...
  5. NEST blog #1

    Ok, so its now 11:15pm, Friday, May 1st. Day 1 of NEST 2009. Why the hell, you may ask, am I sitting in my room blogging?? Good question. Thanks for asking. I'm blogging to kind of confess that while I was a wreck for quite a while about coming to my first NEST, with the tons of social anxiety that I had and the normal fears that any newbie, like my, may have, and the fact that Lyz was constantly pissed at me for months because I was never as excited about it as she was, that it has all left ...