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  1. 7/31/22 Story Progress Update

    This week was slow, but there was still some progress. Not as much as I would have liked, but the climax of the story probably only needs two or three more paragraphs, and then a few for resolution. I think the wordcount will be over 2000 before I start writing the opening of the story, which is a promising thought for the possibility of meeting my wordcount goal.

    I do begin to wonder if 5000 words is a bit too few to develop all five major characters to my satisfaction while still ...
  2. Just happened, now confused

    Quote Originally Posted by tklome View Post
    nah brother
    Does she have ticklish feet?
  3. 7/24/22 Story Progress Update

    Ok, week two of drafting is past! The latter half of the week was rather busy, which interfered with writing some, but I still got almost as much done this week as last week, which bodes well going forward. On the whole, I would say that when I could sit down and write, I found my rhythm a little sooner and stayed in it a little longer. I am feeling pretty good about that!

    I am continuing to grow more comfortable writing foot tickling, and I quite like a bit of description I wrote ...
  4. 7/17/22 Story Progress Update

    My next story, Window of Opportunity (title subject to change, but I do rather like this one) is coming along nicely. I finished the outline for it last Sunday, and have been making slow but steady progress on the story itself. As I said in my last blog post, I'm starting with the ending on this one. It's presenting a bit of a challenge; the writing feels slightly... unmoored, when there's only an outline to go on for what came before. I suppose I could fix that by including summaries of what had ...
  5. Who’s Your Daddy?!!

    This is an opinion piece - please note subject matter involves the DDLG branch of BDSM and if this content matter is not your cup if tea - please move along to another post

    Noîhing makes me less impressed or less comfortable than someone who just starts referring to themselves as Daddy.

    A Daddy is not just a title we throw around. It MEANS something. It means you are responsible for the person you are a Daddy to.

    It's a part of a relationship dynamic ...
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