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Conversation Between Cosmo_ac and Bugman

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  1. I grew up in Kansas.Winters there don't compare to yours,but i just could not take it anymore.I moved to Texas for the first time in 1980 and only moved back to Kansas in 1997 because my mother and my late brother needed me.

    My brother passed away in summer 2000,and i hung on another seven years for mom.But by 2007 i could not take it anymore.I have a younger brother who lives there,so i didn't leave her alone.That i would not have done.

    Cold and snow drain me,mentally and physically.
  2. I don't know how you stand it.I hate cold weather and snow.To each his own.
  3. Hanging in there,that's about it.Get any snow yet?
  4. doing pretty good, and you?
  5. Cos! : How be you man?
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