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Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Part 3)

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*Currently The Borg and the Enterprise are engaged in battle. Data thinks he has a way to defeat them*

Data: I think I have detected a major weakness in the Borg's computer systems Commander. I will need a few moments to check things out with Jordi to be certain.

Commander Kurch: Excellent Data go ahead but be as quick as you can about it.

Data: Aye Aye sir.

*Commander Kurch notices Warf secretly hiding something*

Commander Kurch: Warf whats that your holding?

Warf: Nothing sir.

Commandet Kurch: I swear I saw something fluffly over there.

Warf: No sir.

*Commander Kurch looks closer*

Commander Kurch: Its a teddy bear isnt it. You have a teddy bear.

Warf: Its not a teddy bear!!! Its a Killer Klingon War Bear.

Commander Kurch: Riggggggggght. What the Killer Kling War Bear's name?

Warf: I rather not say sir.

Commander Kurch: Come on. Out with it.

Warf: Snoogles.

Commander Kurch What was that? I did not hear you.

Warf: Snoogles sir!

Commander Kurch: Snoogles the Killer Klingon War Bear.

Warf: Yes Commander he is very fierce.

*Commander Kurch sighs*

Commander Kurch: Of course he is Warf.

Data: Commander Kurch Jordi and I have confirmed that the plan I have to attack the Borg is quite doable.

Commander Kurch: Good well Me, Warf and Snoogles the War Bear would love to hear it.

*Warf growls a bit*

Data: Snoogles???....Anyway we have discovered that the Borg use an upgraded Operating System based on Microsoft Windows programming. Specifically they use Windows XP with Service Pack 3687.

Commander Kurch: Seems rather ancient.

Data: Actually the system is not so bad with all the Service Packs applied. As you know the federation switched over to Apple technology about 250 years ago.

Commander Kurch: Was quite a good decision for the most part. Though the iToilets were a bit strange especially in all those fruity colors.

Data: Even though we dont use the Wndows systems anymore. Me and Jordi have a way to force The Borgs systems to auto upgrade.

Commander Kurch: You dont mean !!!!

Data: Yes Commander we can force the Borg to use Windows Vista.

Commander Kurch: Doesnt that violate any Star Fleet moral codes.

Data: You would think it would, but it does not.

Commander Kurch: Will this destroy the Borg.

Data: Well not really but my guess is it will force them to talk to tech support for the next 12,397 years. Enough time to upgrade our weapons systems to be able to fight them better.

Commander Kurch: Excellent work Data. Make it so.(always wanted to say that)

(Stay Tuned For The Thrill Packed Conclusion to Stark Trek: The Kurch Generation)
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    LMAO Vista will stop them cold, yes.