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Kurchennium (Part 5)

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*kurch and Peter Watts have uncovered a marketing scheme of some sort by the evil Linda Butler. kurch is at the conference now invesitagting further.*

*as kurch wanders around he suddenly bumps into Emeril Lagasse.*

Emeril: BAM! Hey man you got to check out that new booth in the conference. They are really kicking it up a notch in there. Odd thing though they are not gonna launch till December 2012 though. Strange date and with a product that great you think they would launch sooner.

Kurch: What booth is that?

Emeril: Its the fruitcake booth. You cant miss it has long lines all around it. Oh gotta run I think I see Rachel Ray over there. Bye.

*kurch thinks hmmmmmm that date December 2012 thats the end of world date. Fruitcakes too that just has evil written all over.*

*kurch find the booth and gets in line and asks a question of the person in front of him*

Kurch: Is this the line for the Fruitcake Booth.

Person In Front: Yup it sure is. You might have a bit of a wait. It is real popular. The Chef has been real busy.

Kurch: Whats the chefs name?

Person In Front: Chef Butler.

Kurch: Thanks.

*kurch stays in line and discreetly gets a sample of the fruitcake for testing then finds a out of the way place and calls Peter Watts.*

Kurch: Hello Peter.

Peter Watts: Yes is that you Kurch?

Kurch: Yea I found out a lot. Chef Butler is opening up a fruitcake business in December 2012. I got a sample I will drop off. Lets get it analyzed fast.

Peter Watts: Will do. Great job. Wonder what is she planning?

Kurch: Not sure but if fruitcake is involved it cant be good. I am gonna check in with the Group.

Peter Watts: Gotcha. Talk to you later.

*kurch heads back to his room and logs into his computer.*

Kurch: "Fries and grime are not much fun."

Kurch's Computer:

Wrong ID! Oh come on that one was awful.

Access denied.

Kurch: "Time flies if your having fun."

Kurch's Computer:

Correct ID.

Access granted.

Welcome Kurchatovium.

There are 1392 days remaining.

Kurch's Computer: Find out anything new?

Kurch: Plenty. There is a Chef Butler at the conference going to launch a Fruitcake business in 2012. I have a sample of the fruitcake which I will give to Peter to analyze.

Kurch's Computer: Excellent work. Fruitcakes and the end of the world. It all makes sense. Thats why the end of world date is near Christmas. They will intend to wreak havoc on human kind right before the holy holiday.

Kurch: Yea its all coming together. Can you put a rush on those test results on the fruitcake?

Kurch's Computer: Will do. You will have the results tomorrow.

Kurch: Thanks. Bye for now.

Kurch's Computer: Bye.

(To be continued)
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    Fruitcake is very^99999999999999999 scary