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Kurchennium (Part 4)

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*kurch goes down to the bakery conference in Akron to see what he can uncover about an evil marketing scheme being planned. There he meets up with Peter Watts.*

Kurch: Hi Peter.

Peter Watts: Hi Kurch. Shall we look about and see what we can find?

Kurch: Yes this place is huge so the sooner we get started the better. Hopefully we can get some clues down here.

*not soon after they head to the conference a crazed Food Network Star approaches them*

Rachel Ray: Have you seen the stuff here!!! So yummy. So very yummy. Just YUMMO!!! All of its just YUMMO!!! DEEE-LISH!!! DEE_LiSH means its YUMMO!!! I came here to find some new brands of EVOO which is my way of saying extra virgin olive oil. Course I have to keep explaning what EVOO is so its really not that helpful an abbreviation but anyway I got here and then HELLLLLOOOOO its a bakery conference so no EVOO. I felt so dumb. Its OK though cause there is so much stuff here thats just YUMMO. So YUMMO!!! Well I got go nice talking with you.

*kurch looks to Peter Watts.*

Peter Watts: I know I know. You are thinking AntiChrist but we looked into it and found nothing. Suprising as it sounds.

Kurch: Yes very surprising. Hey look over there its Chef Gordon Ramsay. Hi Chef Ramsay!

Chef Gordon Ramsay: F*** You!!!!! You @##$%%$$!@%^&^$#@@ Bastard!!! Your worthless #@!@#$%^&*&%$#@ filthy $#$%^&^$#@!@#$%^ piece of @#$%&&***$#@((^$. Go to Hell you stupid @#@!!@$%^&*(^$#@$^&* stinking pile of @#$^&**$#@.

Peter Watts: Hmmmmm you think he might be in on this evil scheme certainly sounds evil enough.

Kurch: Nahhhh I think even Satan himself would be too scared to get near him. I know I am.

Peter Watts: Good point.

*Suddenly from nowwhere a chef staggers out clutching his chest and screaming for help. Kurch and Peter run to him.*


*the chef falls to the ground. Kurch quickly kneels by him to hear any other information he might have.*

Kurch: I am afraid he has passed away.

Peter Watts: Did he have any last words?

Kurch: Yes he did,

Peter Watts: What were they? They could be useful clues for us.

Kurch: He told me to get my knee off his chest as he was having trouble breathing.

Peter Watts: Ahhhhhhhhhhh not so useful. Well Chef Butler is a good clue at least.

Kurch: How so?

Peter Watts: Frank faced a foe named Linda Butler. She was invovlved somehow in the death of Frank's Police detective friend in his own house. We never could link her to it though. We are not sure if she is even human. Frank suspected her of being a demon of some sort. To be honest I am not sure he was wrong.

Kurch: Perhaps we should check in with the Group. Get them looking into this Butler Character again.

Peter Watts: Yes I think so. Catch up with you later.

*kurch and Peter head back to their rooms and kurch logs into his computer.*

Kurch: "Slime flies when you are in the sun"

Kurch's Computer:

Wrong ID!! Haha Very funny.

Access Denied.

Kurch: "Time flies when you are having fun."

Kurch's Computer:

Correct ID.

Access Granted.

Welcome Kurchatovium.

There are 1393 days remaining.

Kurch's Computer: Find anything out?

Kurch: Yes we suspect Frank Black's old nemesis Linda Butler is back and perhaps behind all this.

Kurch's Computer: Good work! She is an evil one though. Be very careful. We will see what the Group can dig up on her.

Kurch: ok

Kurch's Computer: Continue to investigate with Watts. Watts is vital to our cause.

Kurch: Whats vital?

Kurch's Computer: Watts.

Kurch: Yea thats what I am asking.

Kurch's Computer: Asking what?

Kurch: Whats vital.

Kurch Computer: Exactly.

Kurch: huh?

Kurch's Computer: Oh never mind just get some rest and get back to the conference.

Kurch: Roger that.

Kurch's Computer: Dont bring Roger into this. Just find out what you can.

(To be Continued)
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    This is getting interesting.
    You should write a TV show my friend