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Kurchennium (Conclusion)

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
*The time has come to confront and stop the evil Linda Butler and her plans to sell her tainted fruicakes that cause insanity.*

*kurch's phone rings*

Kurch: Hello.

Peter Watts: Watts here.

Kurch: Whats here?

Peter: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! ITS ME PETER

Kurch: Hehehe Hi. Whats new Peter?

Peter: Good news Emeril will be ok. Those fruitcake prions though are dangerous, a few more and they would have caused permament insanity.

Kurch: Wow. Looks like we got too him just in time.

Peter: Yes. I also found Linda Butler's business. Its called "How To Make Internet Millions Selling Fruitcakes".

Kurch: Good work. I talked to The Group they want us to confront and stop Ms Butler for good.

Peter: Yes I thinks thats a good plan. I am going to shut down her business with the help of some FBI contacts I have. Can you handle her on your own? She is quite dangerous.

Kurch: I can handle her. I have a plan. Go take care of her business and shut it down.

Peter: Good luck and be careful my friend. Bye for now.

Kurch: Bye.

*kurch first goes to get a friend of his and then goes back to the conference and finds the fruitcake booth and wanders behind the booth in search of Ms Butler.*

Linda Butler: You looking for me?

Kurch: Indeed. At last we finally meet.

Linda Butler: I rarely get such cordial greetings. HAHAHA.

Kurch: I suppose there is a first time for everything. You know why I am here.

Linda Butler: HAHAHA Yeah to make a feeble attempt at stopping me.

Kurch: Well I cant let you hurt all these innocent people with your tainted fruitcakes. I cant let you drive them to insanity with those prions you put in there.

Linda Butler: I see you have caught on to my scheme. Its no matter. We already have a first victim. I think you have already met.

Kurch: You mean Emeril, we managed to save him.

Linda Butler: Oh no not him. Though he would have been a nice addition to my group of fruitcake victims. I was talking about dear Ms Rachel Ray.

Kurch: YOU MEAN!!!!

Linda Butler: BWAHAHAHAHA Yes she was my first experiment a few years ago. Never thought it would have gotten her a food network job. The poor dear just says YUMMO and DELISH all the time.

Kurch: You evil bitch!!!

Linda Butler: Thank you I try.

Kurch: Your reign of terror ends now. Maybe Frank Black could not get rid of you but I will.

Linda Butler: Ahhh yes dear Frank. Poor boy doing kids parties now I believe. Who knows youmight be joining him if I am in a good mood. HAHAHAAHHAAHHA

Kurch: Quite confident arent we.

Linda Butler: Well I am not exactly what I appear to be. Thats what gonna make you elimanting me so difficult.

Kurch: Oh me I am not gonna do a thing. My friend will take care of all that.

Linda Butler: You mean Watts?

Kurch: Whats that?

Linda Butler: Huh?

Kurch: Who do you mean?

Linda Butler: Dont bring him into it. I meant Peter Watts.

Kurch: Oh no not him. My widdle friend.

Linda Butler: Friend? I did not see you come in with anyone.

Kurch: Oh he is right here. He is a cute widdle bunny. Well a special widdle bunny named Fluffykins.

Linda Bulter: A bunny. You brought a bunny to help you. Perhaps you have eaten some of that fruitcake as well LOL.

*kurch takes out widdle Fluffykins from his coat pocket. The widdle bunny begins to growl at Linda Butler.*

Kurch: Seems Fluffykins does not like you. He tends to get that way around demons.

Linda Butler: Awwww poor bunny. He afwaid of the big bad demon Linda?

Kurch: Oh hes not afraid. He is just making sure you are a demon.

*Fluffykins growls much louder and seems to be changing. The space around him seems to warp.*

Linda Butler: Ummmmmmmm whats he doing.....

Kurch: Why he is preparing to attack of course...

*Fluffykins leaps from kurch hand and instantly grows in size to a giant bunny like creature over 8 foot tall with massive teeth and begins to devour Linda Butler.*


*Linda Butler tries to get away but Fluffykins devours her in a few bites and the makes a cute widdle burp when done. Peter comes in to see the last bit of the scene and is amazed and the widdle bunny*

Kurch: Good job Fluffykins. You such a good widdle bunny.

*Fluffykins hops back onto Kurch hand and kurch gives him a widdle pet and a kiss.*

Peter Watts: What the heck!!!

Kurch: Hi Peter. Just finsihed off Linda Butler. She wont be a problem anymore.

Peter Watts: Yea I can ummmm see that. What is that thing? Is it safe to have.

Kurch: Its a vorpal bunny and its quite safe unless you are a demon like Ms Butler.

Peter Watts: Cool. No wonder the group took you on LOL. Well done.

Kurch: Thanks. You take care of her business?

Peter Watts: Well not that it matters so much now but yes we stopped the "How To Make Internet Millions By Selling Fruitcakes" business totally.

Kurch: Excellent. Well guess I should repeort back to The Group and tell them we are done here.

Peter Watts: Yes

Kurch: Bye Peter. Great working with you. Fluffykins says bye too. He likes you.

Peter Watts: Great working with you too. Bye Kurch. I am quite glad Fluffykins likes me too LOL Bye Fluffykins.

*kurch goes back to his room*

Kurch: "Rhyme is fun if you have the time."

Kurch's Computer:

Wrong ID!!! Must you continue this (sigh)

Access denied.

Kurch: "Time flies when you are having fun"

Kurch's Computer:

Correct ID

Access granted.

Welcome Kurchatovium

There are 1390 days remaining.

Kurch: Me and Peter are done here. Linda has been eliminated and her business stopped.

Kurch's Computer: Wow! Realy she and her business is gone.

Kurch: Yes she is quite gone. Peter and closed down her business as well.

Kurch's Computer: Excellent work. Did she give you any problems?

Kurch: Nope me and my friend Fluffykins took care of everything.

Kurch's Computer: Well tell Fluffykins thanks from The Group for helping out.

Kurch: I will

Kurch's Computer: There will be more things to deal with as 2012 approaches. Remember The Truth Is Out There.

Kurch: Thats the wrong series again.

Kurch's Computer: Darn. You are right. The Time Is Near. Remember The Time Is Near.

Kurch: There you go. Bye for now.

Kurch's Computer: Bye.

(So ends this exciting episode of Kurchennium)
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    Very funny ending.
    Great ending my friend It explains Rachael Ray so well