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Bewildered Turtle

Sometimes it just takes hope.

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So remember when I did a blog about my tarot card reading? Well just about half of it came true. I had a mini break down about current relationships, and realized that I didn't really need to make a firm decision, I just had to do what my gut told me. I was also told in my reading that I would inherit some sort of money, or an increase in pay. Well I was pulled into the office today at work, and I was told that they would like to make me full time. I can't express the weight that lifted off my shoulders. I was stressing so much about money, I was looking for a second job, and panicked what exactly that would do to me emotionally and physically. I just wanted something to go right for me finally. So just that news, really put me in the most inspirational mood ever. I ran over to my neighbors to make a recording. I already knew what I wanted to record and what I wanted played. It literally took only 20 minutes. And just singing this song really soothed my mind.

So here's Blackbird, by the Beatles.

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    I'm glad to hear that everything is falling into place for you my dear. And you sing beautifully!
    Nice when things go your way isn't it. I'm happy for you Cassi!
    Updated 01-16-2010 at 08:29 AM by kered
    woot on the news...and crikey! we just played blacbird on one of the shows we did on our son....

    my cookie fortune is rising!!!!