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Its funny i ramble here cuz the folks i hang out with are sick of hearin me... I live such an exciting life.

Anyways, first and foremost i got my laptop to work again which is awesome.

2. Im registered for my second Nest as of an hour ago (PRETTY FUCKING STOKED!!!!!!!)

3. Im seriously considering becoming a marine reservist to help out the local unit who lacks leadership for training.

4. I start college in a few weeks for EMT!!!!!!!!!!
im gonna be a college kid. I never thought i would see the day.

5. I'm super blessed to live close enough to such great people like Purr, Pokey, Tmj, dimples, and quite a few others. Im glad ive gotten a chance to hang out with them and cant wait to do it again.

and the coolest thing,
I bought a bicycle and its finally starting to be warm enough to use it. Now more fat Mike
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