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Kurchlander (Part Two)

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*Kurch has just discovered that he is an Immortal. A rare group of being that can only be killed by decapitation. He has also learned the Immortals are part of a Game where they all are compelled to fight to the death till only one remains.*

*Ramrez begins to teach kurch the ways of the Immortal in his own Scottish way.*

Ramirez: Well my friend the first order of business is to goto a chity store and get you a proper sword.

Kurch: If we want a proper sword why goto a shitty store why not goto a good store?

Ramirez: Because the good stores are chity stores.

Kurch: But if they are good stores why do keep calling them shitty?

Ramirez: Because they are chity stores. All of them.

Kurch: Well if they are all shitty maybe we should go far away where the stores are better.

Ramirez: The stores here are quite good even though they are chity stores.

Kurch: Huh?

Ramirez: Chity stores are the best stores for good swords.

Kurch: Um ok...... if you say so.

Ramirez: Most of the stuff we need is chity stuff.

Kurch: So we are going to get lots of shitty stuff.

Ramirez: Yes lad. So lets head there now.

Kurch: Head where.

Ramirez: To the chity. To the town of GlennFillen.

Kurch: Ahhhhhhhhhhh to the city of GlennFillen. Why didnt you say so.

*kurch and Ramirez head to GlennFillen where Ramirez equips kurch with a good sword and proper gear.*

Ramirez: Are you redy to learn the ways of the Immortals?

Kurch: Yea I guess. Gotta tell you that Haggis we had for lunch aint sittin well.

Ramirez: An Immortal must be prepared to fight at all times. The only time we do not engage one another is when we are on holy ground.

Kurch: Cant I just become a priest then and forget this whole thing.

Ramirez: I suppose but then you would not win the Prize.

Kurch: Well you cant even tell me what the Prize is. All I know is its not a gift certificate.

Ramirez: Well....ummm....look the story is gonna be pretty boring if you just join the priesthood and make bread all day.

Kurch: Ok Ok. I will learn the ways of The Immortal for the sake of the storyline. If I get decapitated though I aint speaking to you again.

Ramirez: Not to worry lad I am an expert swordsman. I was trained by the best chity teachers.

Kurch: If they were the best why were they shitty?

Ramirez: Cause thats where they were at.....lets not start this again lad.

Kurch: Ok.

*Ramirez teaches kurch the ways of the Immortal and quickly learns he is an adept swordsman. Even better then himself. Soon his abilities will be tested.*

(Stay tuned to the next excitng episode of Kurchlander in this blog.)

Updated 03-28-2009 at 06:07 PM by kurchatovium

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    Can't wait for part 3 my friend