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The Dark Angel's Lair.

Hard to believe it has been one whole year..

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It's still difficult to accept I won't ever hear my brother's voice or see him again, except for what we have saved on video or captured by a camera...

Unfortunately it hasn't gotten any easier...there have been several bouts of tears as I cope with this difficult milestone...I am sure the hurt will fade, but never fully go away....I wonder when I will feel better...
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My life.


    I wish I had some magical words to make the pain go away, sweetheart. Life dealt you a cruel blow, and its going to take some time before you can move on. I`ll keep you in my prayers, and give you an online hug.
    very sorry to hear that hope ya feel better soon i know its hard now but it will get better and he will always be there in your heart
    Just remember that as long as you have the videos and pictures, your brother lives in your memory.
    Sweetie! I understand the pain you are feeling. It has almost been a year since the loss of my Mother. I too have moments and some days when the pain get overwhelming. Hang in there and you have my thoughts and prayers as you move forward. *hugs*