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Kered's World

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Retirement...

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A few of you know where I work and what I do there. One important duty I have is to see that my buncha square miles of country roads are clean and safe for the driving publc which also includes a lot of hours behind the wheel blindly pushing snow and hoping I don't leave the road and cause me and others a bunch of damage. But I already told about this in my blog last year. Today's blog is not about me persay, but about the guy I work for.

Our fleet of trucks average age is about 12 years old. My truck is 17 years old and has 325,500 very hard miles on it. It had holes and rust all over it, with parts harder to find as they quit making parts for it because of age. And I am not making this up.....I have painted duct tape holding in foam insulation under my floorboard to keep the cab halfway warm. I ain't shittin' you! Even the newest trucks are showing wear and tear. And so you know, yes, we take these old girls and ask them for the impossible. They have the heart but not much juice in most of them anymore.

After we all left work yesterday the Boss brought in a TV news crew and pretty much told the reporter on tape that while he budgets and the state board allots us the couple million in Federal funds we need to replace equipment and do our job right that only about one third of that money gets to us. In fact, we are operating on about ten thousand dollars less than we got TEN YEARS AGO. So the big question .......where's the rest? And if the Big Dicks uptown missed the news report last night and this morning they will get a sure fire headache come Tuesday morning as they get to work.

Don't belive me? Then go to WTHR.com and click on "Boone County in Crisis"....watch the full video report.

Updated 01-15-2011 at 07:52 PM by kered

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Kered's World


    This is no way to treat a champion tomato grower.
    I knew you would understand all this, Uncle Bill.