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Why I Love Him So Much!

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There is something he has that just no one else does. Love. Lust. It's that look, it's his touch, his hands, the fact that he knows me so well that he can read my mind. He makes my heart quiver from just stroking his hand against my cheek. And when he calls my name- just says my name... Ohh! He's like magic.

The difference is, I want him to completely break me. I long to be in his control... I love the fact that not 3 hours ago, he grabbed me by my feet and dragged me across the bed, tickled me, spanked me, kissed me, tossed me around, and manhandled me like I weighed 50 pounds. He did things to me that.... Let's just say, I can't wait for him to wake up so he can do it again!

I am a woman that is in control of everything from the moment I walk out of my house, until I walk back in. I just cannot help but long to be completely and utterly subdued and destroyed by this man. I want him to make me cry, beg, plead, break down- and I DON'T want him to stop.

To YOU he looks like Clark Kent!
But to me... He is my Superman.

(Posted originally on FetLife- I couldn't help but want to share it!)
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