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The Tickle Monster's Realm

about me

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I made this in honor of my 3000th post which i posted to the members profile section earlier but thought I should post this in my blog too

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

First off, I shall start with the biggest question I get. Itís the MT part of my name. Itís for MadTown which is the nickname of my home city, Madera, California.

When people think of tickle monsters for some reason they always think of some multi-armed beast, or with tenticles. Thatís not what my tickle monster is. He comes from another realm. He comes through a portal and can appear anywhere. He can come out of the closet or from under the bed like the boogey man. He has two forms. All his type of tickle monsters do. One form is Human. That way they can blend in with Humans. The other is the Tickle Monster. Heís a green-haired creature. His hands are feathery. He has fingers but thereís fur on his fingers and finger tips that are like feathers so his fingers are like feathers. And green fur all around his body. His eyes are red. He can turn from Human to Tickle Monster at will. And he automatically knows where someone is ticklish and how ticklish they are at each spot. He automatically knows their weak spot.

I have tickle stories involving my tickle monster. They are called Tickle Monster Saga. 14 are posted in the story section. The first one I couldnít post because it has kids involved because it was about how tickle monsters grew up and were trained and got their powers.

002: First Real-World Experience

003: Second Real-World Experience

004: Third Real-World Experience

005: The Last Night


006: Part 1: Tijuana

007: Part 2: San Diego

008: Part 3: Anaheim

009: Part 4: Las Angeles

010: Part 5: Bakersfield

011: Part 6: Fresno


012: Part 1: Abby

013: Part 2: Maria

014: Part 3: Erica

015: Part 4: Angela

My best ones are probably 003, 006, 011 and 013. What Iíd love to do is do a story on NEST where the tickle monsters invade it but Iíd need permission from a lot of people that go to NEST to do it. All of my stories that have the character named are based on a real person. I try to base it as close as possible. I try to use their real name and real location. Real most ticklish spot and real style of clothing they wear.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

The Real Me

Iím Steven. Iím an actor, writer, rapper. A lot of people on here seem to hate me but I would rather you make your own opinion of me instead of listening to what they think. I have an AA in Theatre Arts and should have my BA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Acting soon. I co-founded a theatre company with my best friend. I have a MySpace with all my personal stuff and the url for that is www.myspace.com/notquiteyourtype and I also have an acting MySpace www.myspace.com/steven_wilcox Iím also an unsigned Christian hiphop artist www.myspace.com/anotherwannabwhiteboyrapper Yes Iím a Christian. I guess thatís important to know on here. If you hate Christians thatís not my problem. I love video games, especially Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Dragon Age is pretty tight too. RPG is my favorite types of games. But Mortal Kombat is tight also. If you have PS3 my Playstation Network SN is SantaSteven I write plays, short stories, and song lyrics. I also produce my own music. It sucks but I do it anyways. I also edit sound for theatre and can make videos and other things. Iím a pretty cool guy. Okay Iím shutting up now. Have a nice day.
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    I don't hate you Steven. It's always fun chatting with you in the chat room.

    And, continue doing what your doing!